Thursday, 4 April 2019

Workbench Progress - Primaris Space Wolves Army

Greetings internet, I have now finished painting all of the Primaris models that I bought way back on release day.  I have spent the last month or so since my Intercessors were finished getting my two HQ models finished.

So I now have a Wolf Lord and a Wolf Guard Battle Leader (seen below), both of which are are a bit of a kit-bash. 

The Wolf Lord is made up from a Dark Imperium Lieutenant with the Battle Leader head armed with a Thunderwolf Cav Power Fist. 

The Battle Leader (which you still cant buy) had the weapons swapped to the opposite sides along with the addition of an alternative head and axe. 

Well as it stands right now it's not a functional army as there are no anti tank weapons or flyers or transport vehicles of any kind but I am happy to wait and see what comes out beyond Shadowspear because I don't need any of that rubbish.

I have had some success while using most of this lot along side my Knights and the Loyal 32 but not really against anything top-tier like Eldar.

I will be sticking with my Custodes until the Primaris range has been fleshed out into something that has a chance of working as a mono faction.

Well thats all for now, please check back soon and please include any comments in the comments section down below and hopefully I will be back soon with another update.