Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knights House Raven

Hey there, I am glad to be back with another quick progress update and this time its Imperial Knight themed.  I have been working on two Armigers Warglaives on and off for a while now and they are finally finished and ready to provide much needed support for my older Questoris Pattern Knight.

So it turns out my decision to side with Mars and House Raven has really paid off, there was no way of knowing that my penchant for chevrons would one day yield such returns as Machine Spirit Resurgent and Order of Companions and the ability to run and gun with devastating efficiency.

With its mask removed you can clearly see my Knight's true nature, a warrior god who's true loyalty is to the red planet.

All tooled up for battle these knight look great on the table top as they race around smashing enemy armour and monsters with their Melta weapons and Chain-Blades.

I am using these models along side a Custodes Outrider Detachment and a Cadian Battalion Detachment.

I have made sure that the arms and carapace can still be removed so I can change out the weapons should I feel like getting some of the Armiger Autocannons.

Well thats all for now, please check back soon and include any comments in the comments section down below and hopefully I will be back soon with another update.


  1. They look great! Nice red tones and neat chevron work. They look fantastic together!

  2. Great work! Don't fancy painting up mine do you? ;) I've got a bunch of Knights sitting waiting to be painted and no real motivation to do so!