Sunday, 8 October 2017

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves Army

Hello there, its been something in the region of eight weeks since my last post and so I'm returning with a bang to show off what I have been getting up to all these long weeks.  So basically back in 2016 I finished painting my Space Wolves army and was perfectly happy with how it performed and then the rumours of 8th started and I stopped playing all together.  I spent the lead up to 8th playing Blood Bowl and when 8th finally did land it was clear that I was going to be doing a lot of painting.  I have a local annual tournament coming up in November so I really had to do a ton of play testing to work out what my new army would compose of and then get it all painted up in time to play.  I am now 13 games into 8th and finally have an army I am happy using and the best thing of all is that its all painted with a whole month to spare. 

After only a few games it was clear that I needed mobility in my HQ options as I needed to be able to get my auras in where they are needed and jump packs have proven to be a great option.  I decided on a Wolf Lord (right) for re-rolling 1's to hit and a Wolf Guard Battle Leader (left) for re-rolling 1's to wound.

I play tested all sorts of Elite units from Wulfen to Wolf Guard and nothing posed more of a threat than the Venerable Dreadnoughts.  Dealing D6 damage in melee with their Fenrisian Great Axes teamed with the resilience provided by the Blizzard Shield makes these guys a real force to be reckoned with.

I tend to run a battalion so three units of troops are a must and they don't come much better than the Grey Hunters.  These guys are extremely versatile with Bolt Pistol, Boltgun and Chainsword they can spread out consistent damage in the shooting and close combat phases.  I like to run them with a Power Axe on the Pack Leader and the Wolf Guard Pack Leader and then a few Plasma Guns to add some punchy shooting.

I had not used Rhinos since back in 4th edition as I always favoured Drop Pods but after a bit of play testing the Rhino was clearly a must have for my Grey Hunters to ride around in.  I added some transfers and worked in some freehand details on the farings and even added some runic text on the front armour.  Oh and I made sure to allow the roof hatches to be removable so I have the option to use my Forgeworld Twin Assault Cannon turrets.

One thing that came up towards the end of my play testing was the need for a good screening unit.  I needed something to help intercept 1st turn charges while also providing board denial to deepstriking units and the Fenrisian Wolves seemed to fill this roll perfectly so I painted up a full pack of fifteen.

Right from the start I knew I needed to have some (keyword) Blood Claws in my Army and had tried using them in the Rhinos but I finally went with flying Blood Claws.  The Sky Claws are a great unit for my HQ's to hang out with and if a unit needs its head kicking in then these guys are great.  I have found them to be all kinds of useful, sometime they grab objectives other time they are sent on suicide missions to shut down enemy shooting or hunt flyers.  On the charge this unit will put out 30 attacks and when you factor in re-rolling 1's to hit and wound they can really make a mess of most infantry units. 

And finally we get onto the Long Fangs, I knew I needed some strong long range D6 damage dealing heavy weapons so Lascannons were the obvious go to.  I know that Missile Launchers are more versatile but only a Lascannon will wound a Land Raider or a Knight Imperial or otherwise on a 3+.  I added the full five heavies and then left the Pack Leader bare-bone as an ablative wound.  After quite a few games of these guys getting focused down and killed I added a Terminator Wolf Guard with a Storm Shield for another two ablative wounds.   The Terminator armour and Storm Shield give some good damage tanking potential and help make sure they guys are still shooting to some degree throughout most games.

Now that this army is finished you can expect me to get back into a fairly regular rhythm of hobby updates as I start my Primaris Space Wolves as well as my annual post event report from the Reading Warfare 40K tournament in November.

Well thats it for now, thanks as ever for reading and please leave any comments in the comments section down below and please do check back soon for more updates.