Thursday, 6 April 2017

Workbench Progress - Human Blood Bowl Team

Hey all, I have been most fortunate that Gwotaz has offered to show my models on his blog this week while he is overseas.

I am the least motivated and leave prolific painter you can ever imagine, this is mainly due to my inability to get games which it turns out gets you motivated.  However my favourite GW game was always Blood Bowl, It’s the perfect game for me due to the limited amount of models required. This model limit makes painting up a full team easily achievable, even for someone like me. Orcs are my favourite so I’m super fortunate that they came in the box however no new Goblin models are available yet.  A couple of Goblins are a major component of my preferred line up helping me squeeze in those extra Blitzer’s and Black Orcs.  In my opinion any Orc team worth its salt needs four Blitzer and two Black Orcs, anyway I decided to paint up my Humans first and get dialed in as it’s been a while since I painted anything, a very long while.

So here are a few pictures which I hope you like. I won’t go into detailing what paints I used as my paint collection is ancient and many are two generations old so are not really relevant to what’s available today. I went for a yellow and red colour scheme which are both colours I enjoy painting and look quite striking together I think.

I hand painted the decals which is probably obvious but I think the effect is overall quite good when on the tabletop. I used a digital font as it’s about as easy a font I could use and made it at least a possibility there would be some consistency across the team. I always hate free hand work as I have a model painted I am very happy with and fear I will balls it all up at the last moment and never want to look at it again. I did have to repaint a couple of shoulder pads though as I was not happy with the first attempt.

I picked a 2nd team up on eBay to ensure I could field a 4 Blitzers line up which in my opinion is mandatory for a human team. I also have the extra two catchers which I will paint up after I finish the Orcs, this will provide me access to all of the positional players in exhibition games.

I also have an Ogre which I plan to paint alongside a Troll for the Orcs once the main players are finished. You can probably see that I favour one particular Lineman model, this is for consistency between the players.  I have found that several of the Linemen models look a bit too similar to the Blitzer’s and their arms tended to snag on nearby models during a game which annoyed me.

Anyway, thanks Gwotaz for showing these off and maybe my Orcs will pop up in a few months time when they are done and as usual please leave any comments in the comments section down below and please check back soon for more updates.

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