Thursday, 13 April 2017

Workbench Progress - Adeptus Custodes

Hey there, I hope last weeks Human Blood Bowl Team post kept you all entertained in my absence?  I am now back from my holidays and that means its time to show off my Adeptus Custodes from The Burning of Prospero boxed set by Games Workshop.  These models are massive which shocked me when I first saw them, they are basically the 40k version of the AOS Stormcast Eternal models and as such were something very different and fun to work with.

These models were a joy to build compared to The Sisters of Silence and thankfully the new rules  still allow for mixed wargear loadouts.  I went with a Shield Captain and four other Custodes armed with the default Guardian Spear and then four more with the Sentinel Blades and Storm Shields and finally one carrying the Vexilla.

As with everything gold I started off with a base of Balthasar Gold from the citadel-air range from Games Workshop.  I followed up with a thinned layer again with the air-brush of Retributor Armour this time from the Citadel Base range.  I then gave each models a light dry-brushing with Necron Compound from the Citadel Dry range.

I used Khorne Red for the cloak, gloves and other red details which was then highlighted using Mephiston RedEvil Sunz ScarletWild Rider Red and Lugganath Orange all topped off with Bloodletter Glaze.

The loadouts I have chosen allow me to field a single squad containing four models armed with Guardian Spears and or Sentinel Blades & Storms Shields accompanied by a Shield Captain and maybe also a Vexilla to create two squads of five.

Shield Captain armed with a Guardian Spear.

Adeptus Custodes armed with a Guardian Spear.

Adeptus Custodes armed with the Sentinel Blade and Storm Shield.

Adeptus Custodes armed with a Power Knife and carrying the Vexilla.

Well thats all for now, as usual please leave any comments in the comments section down below and please do check back soon for more updates.



  1. Sweet! And Russ looks great, never noticed the sideburns before.

    1. Thanks, I sculpted the sideburns on myself :)

    2. All the better for it, a lot more mature Viking Huscarl and less clean shaven boy. Great addition