Sunday, 30 April 2017

Workbench Progress - Dwarf Deathroller

Hello again, this week I am showing off my new Dwarf Deathroller from Forgeworld which I have painted up and added to my Dwarf Blood Bowl team.

As models go this one is pretty wicked looking, its massively imposing on the tabletop and can sometimes be a little unwieldy to operate in a tight scrum.

I added a 40mm base instead of the 32mm that it came with so it has a bit more space, the 40mm bases fit in the squares on the board perfectly without any overhang.

With a flagon of Bugmans XXX in hand this Dwarf takes drink driving to the next level.

I have used most of the colours of beards throughout my Dwarf team apart from black so obviously this guy got a black beard.

Unlucky for anyone who meets him number 13.

If you would like to see the rest of my Dwarf team please follow the link below.

Well thats it for this week, thanks for reading and please leave any comments in the comments section down below and please do check back soon for more updates.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Workbench Progress - Leman Russ

Hey there, I have been getting projects finished pretty regular of late which means I can post more often and this week is no different.  

I first got my hands of the Leman Russ model back in October of 2016 and knowing that I had many other projects that I needed to finish first I decided to build him and then stash him somewhere safe.  

When it came time to make start I still felt that the model was lacking something in the facial hair department and I soon discovered that Space Wolves fans are very vocal when it comes to the Wolf King's personal grooming habits. 

The big question was whether to beard of not to beard?  I understand why Forgeworld did not go down the beard route as at least a clean shaven Russ can have a beard added but if they had sculpted it there would be no removing it.

The artwork always seems to show Russ clean shaven with blonde hair but many fans think of him as bearded and flame haired.  I have never thought of him as a red head but I did need a little more character somehow and then I saw the picture shown below and knew I was on to something. 

Ignoring the red hair I felt that I could make those rock star lamp-chops work for me but I would need to defrost some Green-stuff.

Now many people I have spoken to would never dare consider adding Green-stuff sculpting to a model this expensive but I felt that I could pull it off.

I have done quite a bit of sculpting over the years so I just needed to be extra careful and hope that the end result served to complement the original vision of the sculpt.  I posted the image above on a Space Wolves Facebook group and the feedback was massively positive which was amazing.

Work on Russ was interrupted by my trip to North America but before I left I posted the below WIP image on the same Facebook group and the response confirmed that I was on the right course.

When I got home I set to work once more and after less than a week the big bad wolf was ready to roll out to his adoring public.

I think he now looks just rock star enough and overall I feel the changes are in keeping with the slightly retro look of his armour and Viking theme.  He would not look out of place of the cover of a 1970's/80's heavy metal album cover. 

I let the completed head set the tone of the colour palette that was used across the rest of the model so everything tied in.

I did not go crazy highlighting the gold trim as I wanted it to look muted, I felt that too much bling would have looked out of place.

The armour of Elavagar in all its glory.

The Sword of Balenight is fully visible in this image. 

The posing of this model really make it look like Russ is making calculated B-line for his enemy's intent of wrecking face.

I really like the detail on the shield and cloak.

The Axe of Helwinter.

The base has some nice details, I particularly like the Thousand Son's helmet.

So to sum up this model is beast mode and I am looking forward to trying it out on the table top as the rules seem to support how wicked the model looks.  If you are interested in taking a look at my other finished Primarch models please follow the links below.

Thanks for reading and please leave any comments in the comments section down below and please do check back soon for more updates.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Workbench Progress - Adeptus Custodes

Hey there, I hope last weeks Human Blood Bowl Team post kept you all entertained in my absence?  I am now back from my holidays and that means its time to show off my Adeptus Custodes from The Burning of Prospero boxed set by Games Workshop.  These models are massive which shocked me when I first saw them, they are basically the 40k version of the AOS Stormcast Eternal models and as such were something very different and fun to work with.

These models were a joy to build compared to The Sisters of Silence and thankfully the new rules  still allow for mixed wargear loadouts.  I went with a Shield Captain and four other Custodes armed with the default Guardian Spear and then four more with the Sentinel Blades and Storm Shields and finally one carrying the Vexilla.

As with everything gold I started off with a base of Balthasar Gold from the citadel-air range from Games Workshop.  I followed up with a thinned layer again with the air-brush of Retributor Armour this time from the Citadel Base range.  I then gave each models a light dry-brushing with Necron Compound from the Citadel Dry range.

I used Khorne Red for the cloak, gloves and other red details which was then highlighted using Mephiston RedEvil Sunz ScarletWild Rider Red and Lugganath Orange all topped off with Bloodletter Glaze.

The loadouts I have chosen allow me to field a single squad containing four models armed with Guardian Spears and or Sentinel Blades & Storms Shields accompanied by a Shield Captain and maybe also a Vexilla to create two squads of five.

Shield Captain armed with a Guardian Spear.

Adeptus Custodes armed with a Guardian Spear.

Adeptus Custodes armed with the Sentinel Blade and Storm Shield.

Adeptus Custodes armed with a Power Knife and carrying the Vexilla.

Well thats all for now, as usual please leave any comments in the comments section down below and please do check back soon for more updates.


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Workbench Progress - Human Blood Bowl Team

Hey all, I have been most fortunate that Gwotaz has offered to show my models on his blog this week while he is overseas.

I am the least motivated and leave prolific painter you can ever imagine, this is mainly due to my inability to get games which it turns out gets you motivated.  However my favourite GW game was always Blood Bowl, It’s the perfect game for me due to the limited amount of models required. This model limit makes painting up a full team easily achievable, even for someone like me. Orcs are my favourite so I’m super fortunate that they came in the box however no new Goblin models are available yet.  A couple of Goblins are a major component of my preferred line up helping me squeeze in those extra Blitzer’s and Black Orcs.  In my opinion any Orc team worth its salt needs four Blitzer and two Black Orcs, anyway I decided to paint up my Humans first and get dialed in as it’s been a while since I painted anything, a very long while.

So here are a few pictures which I hope you like. I won’t go into detailing what paints I used as my paint collection is ancient and many are two generations old so are not really relevant to what’s available today. I went for a yellow and red colour scheme which are both colours I enjoy painting and look quite striking together I think.

I hand painted the decals which is probably obvious but I think the effect is overall quite good when on the tabletop. I used a digital font as it’s about as easy a font I could use and made it at least a possibility there would be some consistency across the team. I always hate free hand work as I have a model painted I am very happy with and fear I will balls it all up at the last moment and never want to look at it again. I did have to repaint a couple of shoulder pads though as I was not happy with the first attempt.

I picked a 2nd team up on eBay to ensure I could field a 4 Blitzers line up which in my opinion is mandatory for a human team. I also have the extra two catchers which I will paint up after I finish the Orcs, this will provide me access to all of the positional players in exhibition games.

I also have an Ogre which I plan to paint alongside a Troll for the Orcs once the main players are finished. You can probably see that I favour one particular Lineman model, this is for consistency between the players.  I have found that several of the Linemen models look a bit too similar to the Blitzer’s and their arms tended to snag on nearby models during a game which annoyed me.

Anyway, thanks Gwotaz for showing these off and maybe my Orcs will pop up in a few months time when they are done and as usual please leave any comments in the comments section down below and please check back soon for more updates.