Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Workbench Progress - Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

Hello again, the hobby projects are starting to get pumped out now I am free to get on with things and this week I have something for all you Sports Fans out there.  When my friends ask I say that I play fantasy football and many of them don't realise just how true that is.  Until a few weeks ago I had not played Blood Bowl since I was about 16 and give that I turns 39 last month thats a hell of a long time ago.  I don't remember being very good at it and I played Undead which meant I was not able to interact with many of the games mechanics so I soon got board of playing and gave it up.  When I saw the early release information start coming out I was surprised to find that I was drawn to the idea of playing Blood Bowl again.  I was not interested in the Human or the Ork teams, the Skavan team was available in plastic but again I was not interested in the rat-boys.  I found myself at the local wargaming-con Reading Warfare thinking about buying a second hand old metal Dwarf team but never took the plunge.  Before long I saw the leaked images of what would become the new plastic Dwarf team and vowed to pick them up and get playing.  When the pre-orders went up I was there ready and waiting but despite this I was unable to get the dice, I did however manage to get the team and the new special play cards.

Once these guys arrived I set to work and had them all built within a few hours.

I decided to give them all a grey undercoat rather than black or white.

I really knuckled down and spent a few weeks getting all the base colours on across the entire team.  I call this the Kinder Egg toy stage but they did look good enough to play with while I continued to work on them.

After a month they were completed and looking freaking great if I do say so my self.


Blitzer #1

Blitzer #2

I free-handed the positional numbers rather than using the transfers.

Troll Slayer #1

Troll Slayer #2

Lineman #1

Lineman #2

Lineman #3

Coin and turn counter front.

Coin and turn counter rear.

These models were great fun to build and a joy to paint so if you are on the fence right now I say get in there and buy the Dwarf team as they are amazingly cool.

I did eventually get price gouged on eBay in order to get some Dwarf dice, and yes I know that buying this sort of stuff makes me part of the problem rather than the solution blah, blah, blah. 

Ok thats it for another week, thanks for reading and please do share this post and be sure to check back later for more hobby updates. 


  1. How the Feck did u paint the numbers so freaking neat. I am convinced that when I do mine it will spoil a model I am very happy with atm. Team looks amazing and can't wait to play against them.

    1. Mad skills thats how :) looking forward to kicking your Human teams teeth in.

      But seriously a steady had and a good eye :)