Thursday, 2 March 2017

Warhammer World - Happy Birthday To Me

Hello again, today I thought I would show off a selection of pictures that I took while I was at Warhammer World last month.  My wife asked me about six months ago what I wanted to do for my Birthday and I obviously suggested that we visit Warhammer world.  We both really enjoyed Harry Potter world so the bar was already set pretty high and I had not been to GW HQ since the refurbishment of the model museum.  We decided as neither of us drive we would travel up to Nottingham by train the night before and then get down for opening, spend a few hours mooching around and buying stuff before having lunch at Bugmans.

Right on with the pictures, enjoy.

 That was just a selection of the several hundred pictures that we took between us but you get the idea.  It was great fun to see all the hard work the peeps at GW have put into everything.  My wife and I both agreed that The Battle for Angelus Prime bested the huge model of Hogwarts at Harry Potter world so thats a win for GW.

So thats all for now check back next week for a post about my Dwarf Blood Bowl team as they are only two models from completion.


  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing, always love visiting WHW. Grub is good too. Why have I not found your blog before? Added to blogroll over at WeeMen :)

    1. Cheers, I have been quietly slogging away at this blog thang since early 2013 :)

      Always happy to be found and shared :)

    2. I have now added WeeMen to my blogroll :)