Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Workbench Progress - Deathwatch Army Commission

Hey there internet, so as promised I am back to show off the Deathwatch army I was commissioned to paint back in December.  I was excited about this project as I had followed the release of the Deathwatch very closely and bought the digital codex just in case.  So yeah back in December I was asked to paint  the models shown below, well after eight hours of pissing around getting everything that I had been given fixed, converted and or built I was able to take the below picture.

The models had been bought by my client from someone else so neither of us had seen them ahead of time and (no offence to anyone involved but) that was not a fun eight hours spent getting everything to a state that I was happy to work on.  I have been building models for decades now and I like things done in a certain way and I really don't like it when things are not cleaned and constructed properly.   Anyway I was eventually ready to get stuck in and I opted to start with the vehicles and then work my way through the infantry starting with the HQ units.  I did notice that some of the models had rather a thick undercoat and some had been painted to some degree so I had to be careful not to lose anymore detail.

So I kicked off with the Watch Master who is a wicked model that was great fun to repaint.   There was some paint on this model and evidence of some detail lose on the silver shoulder pad from an earlier undercoat.  I managed to get it all blacked back out and repainted while still keeping it looking sharp.

I don't know much about this next guy but I gather he is a big deal within the Deathwatch.  This model was half painted and there was quite a lot of paint already on his head so just added a slight highlight and a wash and left well alone.  The rest of the model got a complete repaint which I was very happy with when all was said and done.

These guys were easy to paint, I had to clean up one of them and build the other so they were both in a good state for me to work on and they look cool now they are done.

When it came time to paint these guys I soon realised that some of the shoulder pad chapter icons were unknown to me, within moments I had downloaded some really old image from GW showing all the chapters and work continued.

A Space Marine can't just go walking into battle so the obligatory Rhino.

The bikers ended up looking supercool with a Dark Angel leading them.

I am guessing that those hammers are the Heavy Thunder Hammers..ouch!

These two were very nice to work on, a little over costed in-game like most flyers but brutal looking for sure.

These last few units still could not decide what wargear they wanted so they were left incomplete.

With this lot done it's time for me to finish my new Dwarf Blood Bowl team and then get on with the Sisters of Silence and Custodes.

Check back soon and thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Workbench Progress - A New Year Brings New Projects

Greeting and happy new year.

I have been away a while now but back in November I was asked to paint a Deathwatch army on commission so I have been spending most of my hobby time ploughing through this project.  I am expecting to get this army finished by the end of February thus freeing me up to finish painting my Sisters of Silence and Custodes and by then (fingers crossed) a new plastic Dwarf Blood Bowl team.

The GW releases continue to show no sign of slowing, if anything they are being ramped up as the new Campaign books lead us towards 8th Edition and the 30th birthday of Warhammer 40K.

We have seen releases too numerous to mention over the last two years that we would never have imagined possible and I now have a Daemon Primarch awaiting my attentions which still blows my mind.  2017 is set to be an amazing year for anyone who play Warhammer 40K and I for one can't wait to see what wondrous things are waiting for us behind the veil.

My Space Wolves are ready and waiting for whatever comes out of 8th Edition as I spent much of 2016 getting them reorganised into the new Wolf Claw Strike Force so I could get into the new 40K detachement/formation groove.  On the 30K front I have two sets of The Burning of Prospero, two plastic Contemptor Dreadnoughts and a few boxes of Cataphractii Terminators who will make up my Space Wolves and Thousand Sons Legions which I will work on as we got into the summer and beyond.  That will give me six mirrored Legion forces, three loyalist and three traitor and a perfect excuse for a big game later in the year.

Well until I get the Deathwatch finished and get a bit post ready to roll out loaded with cool pictures I will leave you with a bit of a scrap book of work in progress pictures from all sorts.

Oh yeah, and these guys sneaked in last weekend.

Check back next week for the Deathwatch pictures.