Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Workbench Progress - Wulfen

Hey there,

After a few weeks of letting my painting batteries recharge I have spent this last week finishing my Wulfen who I started working on maybe three months ago.  Its been good fun getting these guys done as they are very different to endless power armour that I've been working through.  The Wulfen to me at least have a bit of an AOS vibe and though I don’t play AOS I do enjoy to paint the odd fantasy model now and then as a change of pace.

I made a point of taking some WIP pictures when I started out which enabled me to follow up with some cool pictures of the finished models.

The general gist of my loadout should be obvious to any Space Wolves player but in case you are not familiar with the Wulfen let me explain.  Now it would be fine to go all Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields or all Frost Claws but as I only have one pack I felt I wanted to represent as many weapons as possible.  

Firstly I added a pack leader whose only weapon option is the double Frost Claws and combined with his stats he’ll carve through most challengers one on one.  Then I added a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield for tanking damage and or smashing big stuff with that awesome strength 10.  Next up were the Great Frost Axes which I added three of because the Reaping Swings special rule allows them to attack at full initiative on the charge and with a +3 strength AP2 they hit like a freight train.  Finally I added an Auto Frag Launcher to everyone because they look cool and Frag Nades are a must.

I have yet to try these guys out on the table top but I do plan to get a Champions of Fenris list together which will include all of my Wolfy stuff as all my power armoured infantry are in my new Blackmanes formation.

Well that's all for now I hope you enjoy the pictures and please do check back soon for more updates and as usual if you have any questions please comment down below.

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  1. Looking amazing! I love the Wolfen, great models and crazy rules on the table.