Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Workbench Progress - Grey Hunters

My Grey Hunters are done, they have been done for a week now so have been chilling out doing no painting in an attempt to recharge my batteries.  Next I can get on a finish my Wulfen and then paint my new Luman Russ (primarch) model. 

I totally forgot that the current (old) Grey Hunters box-set wont actually let you make ten models with either close combat weapon or Boltguns, it will only enable you to make five of each.........WTF?

I ended up buying three boxes of Tactical Marines and two boxes of Grey Hunters and later had to get a bunch more Boltgun arms off of eBay.

I made a cool kit-bashed Wolf Standard.

I really did not want to get tied down painting a crap ton of stupid wolfy bits (sorry Wolf fans) but all that fetish crap on the Space Wolves is way over the top.  I wanted it diluted down so each model only got a maximum of one component from the Grey Hunters box.  I also limited the number of pelt topped helmets and "Wolfy" backpacks as some of those are the worst offenders.

Once I was happy that the "Wolf ratio" had been met it was then a case of getting everyone's bases textured and the basecoats on via the airbrush.  I used Fenrisian Grey on the entire of each model (with the weapons not yet attached) then I went back and did the bases in Steel Legion Drab which I let fade up and thus weather the lower portions of the legs.  Lastly I sprayed all the weapons in black and blu-tak'ed them back on.

I then set to applying all the rest of the base colours using a brush followed by some minimal but key highlights.  Once this was done I went back over and lay down a pin wash of Agrax Earthshade across each model.  Once dry I went back in to clean up the armour where the wash had maybe over run and then dry-brushed the bases in Terminatus Stone.  Then I added another lay of Steel Legion Drab to the base bevels before finally a mat varnish was applied.

I worked my way through all forty Grey Hunters ten at a time and man I can tell you it was quick but extremely dull work. 

But in five weeks all forty were finished and looking bloody great even if I do say so myself.

This guy turned out looking really cool and makes a nice feature among all those Grey Hunters.

Note the use of the holstered Boltgun from the Thunderwolf Cavalry kit.

Next time I will show off the pictures of my full Wolf Claw Strike Force all finished and ready to take on the enemies of mankind, which there are a great many of these days.