Monday, 19 September 2016

Workbench Progress - Wolf Guard Battle Leader

Hi there, I am just about back to my usual form with weekly updates as the weather starts to turn colder and the nights draw in.  I am well into finishing my Grey Hunters now but last week I managed to spend a few days getting the leader of my Blackmanes finished.  Now I will be using this guy as Ragnar sometimes but mostly he will be a Battle Leader so I can still get Murderfang into my 1750 points Wolf Claw Strike Force.

I have been sitting on this model for about six months now so it is cool to have it painted and on the table top serving a purpose.  I magnetised the wrists so I can hot-swap the weapons as I tend to flip flop between the Frost Blade and Bolt Pistol as seen in the pictures or the classic Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.  This model is obviously the Wolf Lord Krom plastic kit and I swapped the head with one from the Space Wolves upgrade kit along with the left shoulder pad and backpack.

I will have to put this lot in a Storm Wolf at some point and see how they do.

I have been told that this model looks like a young Ragnar Blackmane.

I did not want to go too crazy on making a true Ragnar conversion as you know as soon as I do the new model gets released the very next week,

So, cool model right? I am super happy with how it turned out.  My next post will likely be the twenty Grey Hunters that I am working on right now so be sure to check back next week and thanks for reading.

As ever, comments down below.


  1. Loving the paint job, looks awesome!

    1. Cheers, it was a fun model to paint :)

  2. Very cool looking model. It certainly does make me think of a young Ragnar. I painted the current Ragnar model a good year or so ago and then within a few months we got a new Ulrik and Iron Priest. Maybe we'll get a new Ragnar with the 2nd Warzone Fenris book.

    1. I am hopeful of a new Ragnar model like the Kharn release for Traitors Hate.