Monday, 19 September 2016

Workbench Progress - Wolf Guard Battle Leader

Hi there, I am just about back to my usual form with weekly updates as the weather starts to turn colder and the nights draw in.  I am well into finishing my Grey Hunters now but last week I managed to spend a few days getting the leader of my Blackmanes finished.  Now I will be using this guy as Ragnar sometimes but mostly he will be a Battle Leader so I can still get Murderfang into my 1750 points Wolf Claw Strike Force.

I have been sitting on this model for about six months now so it is cool to have it painted and on the table top serving a purpose.  I magnetised the wrists so I can hot-swap the weapons as I tend to flip flop between the Frost Blade and Bolt Pistol as seen in the pictures or the classic Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.  This model is obviously the Wolf Lord Krom plastic kit and I swapped the head with one from the Space Wolves upgrade kit along with the left shoulder pad and backpack.

I will have to put this lot in a Storm Wolf at some point and see how they do.

I have been told that this model looks like a young Ragnar Blackmane.

I did not want to go too crazy on making a true Ragnar conversion as you know as soon as I do the new model gets released the very next week,

So, cool model right? I am super happy with how it turned out.  My next post will likely be the twenty Grey Hunters that I am working on right now so be sure to check back next week and thanks for reading.

As ever, comments down below.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Workbench Progress - Slaughterpriest

Hey there everyone, I have been busy over the last week painting something a little different before I plough on with my Space Wolves.  Today I am showing off the pictures of my White Dwarf give-away model the Slaughterpriest.  I don't currently play AOS but I do keep my eye on all the new releases and as soon as I see a lord on a monster that speaks to me I will jump in for sure.  As someone who knows very little about the rules of AOS I can't relly say much about this model other than it was great fun to build and paint and even more fun following the White Dwarf Slaughterpriest Paint Splatter article.

The black undercoat goes on.
Next up all the base colours went on.

After the base colours came the washes.

 Finally the highlights and fine details are done.

Well that's your lot, if any more models turn up on the front of White Dwarf I will get them painted and posted up, this model was sold about 5mins after I finished it.

Be sure to check back soon and as ever thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves Blood Claws

Hey there, I have been working my butt off getting my Space Wolves retro-fitted and painted up to form a Blackmanes based Wolf Claw Strike Force and this weekend just gone I finished my Three ten man Blood Claws Packs.

These guys used to be Grey Hunters with Boltguns, Chainswords and holstered Bolt Pistols.  I have been re-basing everyone on 32mm bases and then I went and replaced all the Boltguns with Pistols and modified the holsters to appear empty.  I then went on to add the new GW plastic Space Wolves icon shoulder pads throughout the packs.  One member of each pack is magnetised for use with a special weapon and in this case it's a Flame from the Betrayal at Calth set, one member also has a Power Fist.

Like my Horus Heresy Models I made sure to add the air-brushed dirt up the grieves and then I went through meticulously painting all of the new bits that I added.  Most of this work was Bolt Pistols and Shoulder pads but I did change out some back packs and arms here and there and in two weeks of working most evenings they were all done.

Despite having been quite old and originally painted about six years ago I managed to do a nice clean job of remodelling them.  The paint job now looks as clean and updated as the  newly painted models in my army, it's cool to up-cycle some old models and give them a new lease on life.

I do plan to free-hand paint the right hand shoulder pads on all the Blood Claws and my new Grey Hunters.  As in the picture below the Blood Claws will get the red on yellow and along with the weathering this will meet two very important painting criteria for most event painting rubrics.

Well that's all for this week, my play testing continues to go well which further fuels my motivation to get through all forty of the Grey Hunters who are sitting in front of me as I write this.

Please check back soon and thanks for reading.