Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Workbench Progress - Iron Hands Librarius Conclave

Hey there, another week another hobby progress report and today I am showing off my newly painted Librarius Conclave.  This project was in no way on my to-do list but I was surfing eBay one day and stumbled across a guy selling the most amazing looking Space Marine Librarian biker conversion kits and I hit the buy button there and then. 

Within ten days they arrived and I set to sorting through the bits and cleaning it all up, I will say that there was virtually no cleaning to do and the resin was strong and of a good quality.

I had a look through my bits box for some holstered pistols, backpacks and gave one guy the new Plastic Librarian head to mix things up a bit.

The parts went together so well alongside all the GW parts that in no time at all I had all three models built and ready for paint.

I magnetized the force weapons at the wrists so I can swap between load-outs but I generally favour the Staff.

I decided that as I already have a load of Horus Heresy Iron Hands bits still kicking about that these guys would be painted Iron Hands so I added some MKIII shoulder pads.

I had just finished painting a five man Iron Hands Tactical Support Squad for Horus Heresy and I had painted their Plasma Guns containment coils with a purple glow effect so I opted to use the same purple as the accent colour for these guys too and I think it works really well.

I am really happy with how these guys turned out, I have not used them on the table top yet but I will try to weave them into a list some time soon alongside my Space Wolves or maybe even some kind of Iron Hands list.

Anyway that's all I have until next week so thanks for reading and do check back again soon.