Monday, 16 May 2016

Workbench Progress - Vengeance Weapon Battery

Greetings internet,  It’s been a few weeks since I last posted but as usual I have been busy so I have some new pictures for you.  I have a small one day tournament at my local GW store at the end of the month that is using the Stronghold Assault missions so I needed to get some Fortifications ready in time.  

We are basically using the unrestricted 7th edition army construction rules for our primary “attacker” army list and then we must create secondary “defender” list that can include up to an 250 extra points of fortifications.  I have been using my nine Drop Pod Space Wolves list for a while now so I wanted a fortification option that would work well in combination with my army style.  I decided I would get my Vengeance Weapon battery painted up. 

I have had the Vengeance Battery since its release but never got round to actually painting it because I was never sure which weapon options to use.  Annoyingly I ended up wanting to run the Quad Icarus Lascannons which are only included in the Firestorm Redoubt set which I did not own at the time.  As usual after a few mins on eBay I had found someone selling a Firestorm Redoubt for £20 which only had a small amount of paint on it so I snapped it up and saved myself £20.  Once it arrived I was quickly able to undercoat the whole thing in black and transfer the Quad Lascannons to my Vengeance Battery ready for painting.  I then had the idea to replace the Lascannons on the Roubt with my Battle Cannon turrets and put the whole lot back on eBay which proved to be a great idea as the it sold very quickly and recouped all of my costs. 

Life in general has been very busy of late but I managed to steal enough time to work on the battery every once in a while and  before long it was ready for action and looking supercool. 

The time I have spent working on my Fortifications this month has made me realise that I have collected quite a few different sets since Fortifications became a thing so I thought I would add some pictures of them all to this post to bulk it up.

Imperial Bunker.

Quad-gun and Tank Traps.

Imperial Bastion.

Icarus Lascannon

Skyshield Landing Pad.

Aegis Defense Line and Quad-gun.

Well that's all for now, please check back soon for more updates as I am working on the Death Guard Primarch Mortarion at the moment.

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  1. Love the weathering on these. Looks great!