Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tournament Report - Carnage Stronghold Assault

Hello again, today I am reporting on a small 40K singles event that I attended at my local GW.  The rules pack had us using the three missions from the Stronghold Assault supplement which if I am honest I have never played through.  We did not use the force organisation charts from the Stronghold book but were given a points limit of 1750pts for our attacker list.  We were also required to include up to 250pts of fortifications which would be added to our list should we roll to be the defender.  I decided on the list below which includes a large portion of my Drop Pod army with a Knight added for a some much needed punch, not including the Fortifications it all came to 1750pts exactly.

Company of the Great Wolf

Rune Priest - PML2, Terminator Armour, Stormbolter, Runic Staff.

Dreadnought - Multi Melta, Power Fist, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod.
Wolf Guard x5 - Combi Plasma x5, Drop Pod.
Wolf Guard x5 - Combi Melta x5, Drop Pod.
Wolf Guard x5 - Combi Flamer x5, Drop Pod.

Grey Hunters x10 - Chainswords x10, Drop Pod.
Grey Hunters x10 - Chainswords x10, Drop Pod.

Long Fangs x6 - Missile Launcher x5, Drop Pod.

Oathsworn Detachment

Imperial Knight Warden - Avenger Bolt Cannon, Meltagun,
Heavy Flamer, Reaper Chainsword.


Vengeance Weapon Battery x2 - Quad-icarus Lascannon x2
Imperial Bunker - Comms Relay

Here are some shots of some of the armies during deployment for game one.

Chaos Khorne Deamonkin.

The Sons of Medusa.


Chaos Khorne Deamonkin.

Craftworld Eldar.

Craftworld Eldar.

Imperial Fists & Imperial Knights.

Game 1
Space Wolves Vs Khorne Deamonkin
Missile: Bunker Assault
Result: Win

I knew straight away that I could win this mission if I could keep the forces of chaos out of my deployment zone.  Straight away I set too blocking their approach with my Drop Pods while my Knight prepared to kill anything that broke through the blockade.

With my Knight and the Long Fangs in the back field nothing was likely to get within scoring range of my Bunker.

I dropped my Combi Flamer squad in to eliminate the Bloodletters who were completely consumed by fire and destroyed.

My Combi Plasma Squad dropped in and blasted the chaos bikers down to size before finishing them in close combat.

The line was held as planned and the chaos forces withdrew in the later turns of the game to conserve there number and limit the points that I could score.

Game 2

Space Wolves Vs Tau
Missile: Breakthrough
Result: Loss

This game was completely mental, basically read this mission and then imagine two deepstriking armies play it.  Whoever rolled attacker was going to win this mission no problem and sadly I rolled defender again.

I dropped in first and killed three units of Tau Pathfinders for first blood and three early victory points.

The Tau then arrived on mass via Deepstrike and my Knight was destroyed after failing 6 Ion Shield saves in a row.

The Tau gradually moves off of my table edge while trying to keep me pinned down and away from my objectives.

Despite the Tau's best efforts I did manage to come out of this game only seven points down so I was happy with that.

Game 3

Space Wolves Vs Space Marines
Missile: Last Stand
Result: Win

When I read this mission I was not happy at all as my Knight had to start in reserves and with the harsh reserves restrictions in this mission that effect only the defender I would likely not see it in play the whole game.  I opted to start the game with only my Long Fangs on the table as a bait unit to try the at least choose where my opponent would concentrate his forces.  Sure enough my Long Fangs were beset on all sides right from the outset by a Skyhammer Annihilation Force and were destroyed before my turn one.

I then mounted an aggressive counter attack with four Drop Pods on my turn one, I had to do enough damage to give my left any chance of holding on long enough for my delayed reserves to arrive.

My Dreadnought dropped into the enemy deployment zone and set straight to work destroying a Landspeeder Storm with the loss of all hands and then went on to destroy a squad of Marine Bikers and a five man Tactical Squad before being taken out by a Lascannon.

So rarely does a Dreadnought get to shine so bright on the table top but this time round my Dread was man of the match.

I was fighting a very hard battle on all sides and losing units hand over fist but thanks to some hot dice on my side and some very cold dice for my opponent I managed to hold on and keep the points rolling in.

My reserves finally started to arrive in turn three and my Combi Plasma Squad took out the enemy Warlord in short order.

The fight for my deployment zone ranged on and for a time it looked like I would falter but on the last turn of the game my final Drop Pod and my Knight arrived and cleared the enemy out of my DZ and in doing so scoring me enough victory points to push me in to the lead.

After my final game I had time to pop round and take a few pictures of the other games.

Son's of Medusa Vs Daemonkin.

Tau Vs Daemonkin.

Eldar Vs Eldar.

And finally the score sheet, from what I was told and from the small print it was total victory points scored per game then you could score up to a maximum of ten points for paint score and a further five points per best player vote.

I was very happy to come in second overall with a total score of 53 and even happier to be awarded best painted.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Workbench Progress - Vengeance Weapon Battery

Greetings internet,  It’s been a few weeks since I last posted but as usual I have been busy so I have some new pictures for you.  I have a small one day tournament at my local GW store at the end of the month that is using the Stronghold Assault missions so I needed to get some Fortifications ready in time.  

We are basically using the unrestricted 7th edition army construction rules for our primary “attacker” army list and then we must create secondary “defender” list that can include up to an 250 extra points of fortifications.  I have been using my nine Drop Pod Space Wolves list for a while now so I wanted a fortification option that would work well in combination with my army style.  I decided I would get my Vengeance Weapon battery painted up. 

I have had the Vengeance Battery since its release but never got round to actually painting it because I was never sure which weapon options to use.  Annoyingly I ended up wanting to run the Quad Icarus Lascannons which are only included in the Firestorm Redoubt set which I did not own at the time.  As usual after a few mins on eBay I had found someone selling a Firestorm Redoubt for £20 which only had a small amount of paint on it so I snapped it up and saved myself £20.  Once it arrived I was quickly able to undercoat the whole thing in black and transfer the Quad Lascannons to my Vengeance Battery ready for painting.  I then had the idea to replace the Lascannons on the Roubt with my Battle Cannon turrets and put the whole lot back on eBay which proved to be a great idea as the it sold very quickly and recouped all of my costs. 

Life in general has been very busy of late but I managed to steal enough time to work on the battery every once in a while and  before long it was ready for action and looking supercool. 

The time I have spent working on my Fortifications this month has made me realise that I have collected quite a few different sets since Fortifications became a thing so I thought I would add some pictures of them all to this post to bulk it up.

Imperial Bunker.

Quad-gun and Tank Traps.

Imperial Bastion.

Icarus Lascannon

Skyshield Landing Pad.

Aegis Defense Line and Quad-gun.

Well that's all for now, please check back soon for more updates as I am working on the Death Guard Primarch Mortarion at the moment.