Monday, 11 April 2016

Workbench Progress - Culexus Assassin

Hey there,

Right now I am working on getting my ninth drop pod painted so I can post up some pictures of my entire Space Wolves Drop Pod army.   Expect to see that next week but for now I have some pictures of a Culexus Assassin that I painted last month.

This model is more of less a copy of the one done by the GW studio, I added some blue/green glow FX here and there as a nod to my Space Wolves who have all their power weapons and gems done in the same colours.

One this I will say is that the new plastic kit is soooooo much better than the old crappy metal one, I did not enjoy painting the above model one bit but I needed it at the time.

Check out the pictures of my old metal Vindicare Assassin.
Be sure to check back soon but until next time goodbye.

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