Monday, 21 March 2016

Workbench Progress - Raven Guard Raptor Wing Formation

Hey there internet, I am back with another finished project and today it’s the Raven Guard Raptor Wing formation form the Kauyon campaign book.

My Space Wolves are very much lacking in anti-air support with just one pack on Long Fangs with Flak missiles to their name so I am always on the lookout for another option.  Formations have offered me a good way to bolt-on some weapons and systems that I can’t get out of my Space Wolves army book.  I built a Skyhammer Annihilation force to cover my lack of Grav-cannons and now the Raptor Wing is a perfect solution to my air power problem.

I decided for now to only take a single Landspeeder as it’s really just a tax unit and the Stormtalons are where it’s at in this formation.  The Stormtalons are both armed with the optional Skyhammer Missiles Launchers while the Landspeeder just has a single Heavy Bolter so the whole formations comes in at 275pts. 

I have used this formation in a few test games and as well as being really very good at taking out other flyers they offer a tremendous amount of just general fire support in an air to ground capacity.   With this load out each Stormtalon throws out four St6 and three St7 shots all at AP4 so you can hammer nasty units like Mechanicus  Kataphron’s.

Anyway I kept things fluffy and easy to paint by going Raven Guard and to keep things looking interesting I airbrushed some lighting FX in the cockpit.

I added my own decals with the aid of some laser printer friendly decal paper and some help from the following products...

No on with the pictures.

Check back soon for more hobby updates.

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