Monday, 1 February 2016

Workbench Progress - Skyhammer Annihilation Force

Hey there peeps, as promised today I am showing off my Skyhammer Annihilation Formation that I used at a local Games Workshop tournaments over this past weekend.

I decided that I would use the Ultramarines chapter and take advantage of the buffs provided by the doctrines and build them from the Betrayal of Calth MKIV marines which I would buy in bulk from eBay.  The Jump Packs on the Assault Squads would be taken from the Blood Angels Sanguine Guard and would be sourced from eBay along with the Grav-cannons.

I popped over to Forgeworld and picked up a bunch of MKIV Ultramarine shoulder pads to really add some extra chapter character.

I like to use this formation along side my Space Wolves for some Grav-cannon action and who doesn't like charging out of Deepstrike?

My Thunderwolf Deathstar often faces off Vs several gargantuan or monstrous creatures and this formation offers me some much needed alpha strike firepower to lesson the amount of heat the Wolf-star suffers.

I have magnetized the right hand side wrist on the Devastator Sergeant so I can swap between combi weapon options.

The both the left and right wrists are magnetized on the Assault Squad sergeants as well as the left shoulder for maximum close combat options

Having already painted eight drop pods for my Space Wolves I was reluctant to paint anymore but it's been a few years and the method and colours I used this time made things much easier and they were both done in a just a few days.

I used the air-brush to add a glow FX to the center console inside the pod and later gave it a layer of gloss varnish to make it pop.

The Drop Pod is definitely my favorite of the Space Marine vehicle kits, it's not very easy to build and can be a pain to paint but when they are finished they look  freaking wicked.

Though it did not directly win me any games the Skyhammer was great fun and very, very effective at knocking out large threats early game and caused panic in my opponents deployment zones.

I am working to have my Iron Hands finished in the next week or two and as the weapon arms have now arrived for my Emperor's Children Contemptor Dreadnought you can expect to see the pictures being posted very soon so be sure to check back soon.


  1. What the hell are u doing with all those smurfs? I thought u were all wolves? When on earth did u pay.t yet more drop pods lol

    1. lol I am fast at painting Drop Pods now :)

      I like to paint up a Formation here and there and this one gives my Wolves some much needed Grav-cannons.

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