Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Workbench Progress - Horus Heresy Iron Hands Praetor

Hey there everyone,

My Horus Heresy project is now complete, I have completed two loyalist and two traitor legions with Iron Hands and Imperial Fists pitched against the Emperor’s Children and Death Guard.

I have painted a legion an month for the last four months in preparation for a four player team game that I am hosting this coming weekend.  So this week I will be posting up a different unit from the Iron Hands every day and finishing on Saturday, the day of the big game.

Keep a look out for a post next week showing all the pictures from the game and find out who won overall, will the loyalists or the traitors take the win?

I managed to get the whole Iron Hands force finished within a two week period due to a mostly black scheme being predictably quick to paint.  I would start by base-coated the entire model black while it was attached to its base, then I went in and airbrushed the base in Steel Legion Drab making sure to fade it up the lower legs to help with weathering.  I then sprayed the weapons silver using Vallejo Game Air Steel before attaching them and dry-brushing the entire model with Necron Compound.  I then went back and did a tidy up of the black areas and silver details before painting any skin in Flayed One Flesh and glowing red lens in Mephiston Red.  Finally I would give everything a wash with Agrax Earthshade and then dry-brushed the base in Terminatus Stone.

I also have a new lighting setup for taking pictures so you should see a marked improvement from here on in.  

Now on with today's pictures…

Check back tomorrow for more Iron Hands pictures.