Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Battle Report - Horus Heresy Loyalists Vs Traitors

This weekend I played host to a four player team game of The Horus Heresy table top game which saw those forces still loyal to the Emperor and Terra pitched against the traitorous forces of Horus Lupercal.

Those who have been following my blog will know that I have spent the last four months building and painting all the models that would be used in this game.  I have painted four identical forces that include the Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Death Guard  and Emperor’s Children legions.

I spent some time play testing a force that would offer a wide range of models and weapons while maintaining balance so below is what I came up with.

Praetor – Cataphractii Armour, Volkite Charger, Paragon Blade
Cataphractii Terminators x5 – Combi Bolter x5, Power Sword x1, Power Axe x3, Chainfist x1, Flag Launcher x1.
Contemptor Dreadnought Talon – Kheres Patter Assault Cannon, Power Fist, Heavy flamer.
Tactical Squad x10 – Artificer armour x1, Power Sword x1, Boltguns x10, Bolt Pistol x9.
Tactical Squad x10 – Artificer armour x1, Power Sword x1, Boltguns x10, Bolt Pistol x9.
Heavy Support Squad x5 – Lascannon x5, Bolt Pistol x5.

Imperial Fists
Warlord Trait: Paladin of Glory

Iron Hands
Warlord Trait: Void Walker

Emperor's Children
Warlord Trait: Paladin of Glory

Death Guard
Warlord Trait: Child of Terra

I setup this game to be played on a 4x4’ table to keep the action tight and bloody so I used my four unique Forgeworld realm of battle tiles and made sure there was plenty of terrain.  The mission would essentially be kill points with one victory point awarded for each enemy unit that was destroyed or falling back at the games end.  I also included five primary objectives each worth three VP for whomever controlled them at the end of play.  I finally included the three standard secondary objectives first blood, slay the warlord and linebreaker then I added one called last laugh which awards one VP to the player who made the last kill of the game.

The deployment was standard dawn of war and each player was made to deploy within their half of the long table edge but would be free to roam and mingle with their allies once the game was underway.  This method of setup was intended to help speed things up as for the first few turns it would almost be two separate games happening at once.

So when the setup was complete the traitors managed to win the toss and got the first turn……. 

The traitors got the drop on the loyalists and started to move out of the their deployment zone eager to claim as much ground as possible and get off that back line.

The loyalists had something resembling a plan, the iron Hands lead by myself would move as fast as possible up the right flank with the Contemptor at the spear tip while my Terminators had been elected to Deepstrike in via the Warlord Trait void walker.  The Imperial Fists moved up to the 18" line and behind hard cover and set to work making the Emperor's Children advance as difficult as possible.

For at least turns two and three the traitors seemed to hold at just before the half way mark and exchange fire with the Imperial Fists and Iron Hands and did not seem to make any ground.

The Imperial Fists lost there heavy weapon support in turns one and two but my Lascannons held strong and managed to immobilise the Emperor's Children Contemptor and keep the pressure on the the Death Guard's Contemptor and Terminators.

My Iron Hands Contemptor managed to reach the Death Guard lines with one hull point intact and began causing a massive disruption while one of my Tactical Squads managed to sneak up the flank.

On the traitors turn three the Emperor's Children (below) and I quote their user here, "overreached" in an attempt to silence the Imperial fists guns and then split as a reaction to the Iron Hands Terminators arriving via deepstrike in their deployment zone.

The Emperor's Children Terminators would soon face some punished fire from virtually the entire Imperial Fist army which would end in their destruction.

The Iron Hands terminators caused quite a stir when they materialised right behind enemy lines.

The Death Guard held the line despite having a Contemptor and Praetor attacking them in close combat but at the end of the 4th turn a few moral tests were failed which saw the Terminators and a tactical squad that contained the Praetor fall back dangerously close to leaving the table.

The Death Guard did managed to regroup but by then they had taken enough damage that the combined loyalist fire would see beleaguered units being destroyed in short order.

Trapped between the hammer and anvil of the loyalist advance in turn five the last of the Emperors Children fell, their Praetor gunned down by the Imperial Fist Contemptor as he tried to take cover in a building.  By turn six which was the finally turn the Imperial Fists and Iron Hands had taken completed control of three quarters of the battle field and only a few traitor models remained for the finally count.

The Death Guard held onto one objective in their deployment zone at the end of turn six.

The Iron Hands managed to make it all the way across the table to claim linebreaker. 

The Imperial Fists concentrated on capturing the objectives for loyalists as they still possessed enough units to do so.

The final score after six turns was

Loyalists Victory Points: 21
Traitors Victory Points: 12

So there you have it the Loyalists took the win and exacted a crushing defeat upon the traitors which is exactly the way it should be.

There was no shortage of heroic deeds throughout the game but I have to claim my Praetor to be the man of the match after he passed twenty one 2+ armour saves in a row, he did however go on to roll a double one right after and die but until then he was a boss.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Workbench Progress - Horus Heresy Iron Hands Heavy Support Squad

Hello there, a little later than planned due to day of Horus Heresy fun yesterday, the Heavy Support Squad is the last unit I am showing off.  I am rooting through the pictures from yesterdays big game today so please follow the links below for more images of the Iron Hands and the Praetor post to see the method that I used for painting them.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Workbench Progress - Horus Heresy Iron Hands Tactical Squad

Hello again and welcome to day four of the Iron Hands coverage, man this week has gone quick can't believe I only have one more Iron Hands post left.  I wont prattle on other than to say please check out the links below to the other posts from this week and check out the Praetor post specifically if you want to see how these were painted.

Also look me up on Flickr under Gwotaz to see everything else I have painted in resent years.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the last of my Iron Hands.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Workbench Progress - Horus Heresy Iron Hands Contemptor Dreadnought

Hey there peeps, I'm back again for day three of my Iron Hands coverage and today it's the awesome Contemptor Dreadnought who's on show.

This guy turned out looking sweet, I was a bit worried that a mostly black scheme might suck but it I think it turned out looking great.  I had this model fully painted in like an hour but that does not detract from how bloody badass he looks.

If you want to see how exactly I painted my Iron Hands please click on the link below to Tuesdays Praetor post, and while you are there please check out all the other Iron Hands posts.

Without further ado on with the pictures....

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more Iron Hands.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Workbench Progress - Horus Heresy Iron Hands Cataphractii Terminators

Hello again, in keeping with my plan to release a post every day this week today I am showing off my Iron Hands Cataphractii Terminators.

Every member of this squad is magnetised at the shoulder and wrist so I can maximise future weapon load-outs.

If you are interested in the mothod by which I painted this squad then please follow the link to yesterdays Praetor post for the details.

Check back tomorrow for more Iron Hands photo's