Sunday, 3 January 2016

Workbench Progress - Horus Heresy Emperor's Children Legion Tactical Squads

Hello there,

I hope you all had a great Xmas and I welcome you to 2016, the arrival of a new year means new hobby projects, I already have the next six months mapped out.

I have now finished all of the Emperor's Children models so you can expect to see them being shown off here for the next three weeks.  I have now started working on the Iron Hands the 4th and final of my legions who I predict will be finished by early February.

The Emperor's Children are all air-brushed using Vallejo's Game Air Hexed Lichen (Purple) and then  with a few thinned down layers of Xereus Purple.  The gold I used on the trim and faceplates was Retributor Armour.  The red details were painted using a base of Mephiston Red highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet and Lugganath Orange. The bear metal details were painted with Leadbelcher and then the entire of each model is given a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

Right lets take a look at the pictures.

Check back next week to see the photos of the Cataphractii Terminators but in the mean time if you missed the Heavy Support Squad post please follow the link below.

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