Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knight Crusader

Hey there Internet, this last month I was looking at my Imperial Knight Errant/Paladin sitting there in the cabinet and got to thinking that It needed some upgrades.  I have used the Knights Errant and Paladin a few times in regular pick-up games as well as events and found that they never really brought much in the way of fire-power.  That's not to say they were not effective in games but they tended to act more as a threat of the BIG-D with that Reaper Chainsword giving me a psychological edge over an opponent.  I found that Neither of the main gun options were much of the threat and if I was not careful when pushing forward to use the Reaper Chainsword I would quickly find myself open to taking damage or being destroyed.  I had a flick through the new Imperial Knight codex and decided that despite it's bloated points cost the Crusader might actually be more my jam.    

I tend towards using my Knight as a back field defender to hold or guard my home objectives but with just one main gun and both options being Large Blast templates I found that if someone really wanted to get up in my DZ there was not much I could do other than to engage in close combat which is rarely my go-to option in 7th edition.  The obvious first upgrade would have to address my problematic lack of defencive direct fire-power and I found the answer was the Avenger Gatling Cannon.  This weapon will put a hell of a lot of quality shots down range and will always come in handy over the very situational Reaper Chainsword.

As I had now given up the Reaper it seemed like good idea to also consider a top carapace weapon system.  Even though the barrage option of the Ironstorm seemed cool I went with the Stormspear Rocket Pod to keep the high strength long range shots flying.  Sure I could have gone with the Icarus Autocannons but tbh they are very situational and I would rather taylor my Knight to one path which in this case was as a long range fire-base.

My final upgrade would be to switch out the front mounted Heavy Stubber for a Meltagun, sure it has a stupidly short range but you can never have enough melta imo and when things get up in my face I will be glad I packed one.

So I have basically created a mini Reaver Titan loadout and before you all scream "what about the D" I still have some heavy hitting close combat attacks without the D and don't forget it can still stomp which is the best D attack anyway so I am happy with the Crusader.

Well I had better get back to my Heresy Legion project, I am working on the second of my four legions now and you will see some WIP picture of the Imperial Fists very soon so be sure to check back in for an update.

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  1. I do love that model and paint job and the new loudout looks bas azz! Maybe some kind of wreckage on the base next might make it look even deadlier ;)