Monday, 23 November 2015

Workbench Progress - Horus Heresy Imperial Fists Praetor

I'm back again as promised with the finished Imperial Fist Praetor and what a model this turned out to be.  When compared to his Death Guard counterpart that I finished last month this model is the mirror opposite.  I wanted this model to look both heroic and be instantly recognisable as being one of the "good guys" so far as anyone can truly be good in the grim dark of the 30/40K universe. 

The model has magnetised wrists so the weapons can be switched out for whatever takes my fancy but I think that Vanguard Veteran Relic Blade makes a wicked Paragon Blade. 

Like all the models in this 30K project the armour is heavily weathered and battle scared but I think that the gold and yellow still pop just enough.

There are some very cool details on the rear of this model that really lend them selves to holding wash and catching the battle damage FX.

Loving that sword....

This guy will look wicked leading the Cataphractii Terminators in the final army on parade pictures, Next week I should have the Infantry finished but the Contemptor should have it's army finished by then so I think you might see that first.

Check out the previous Imperial Fist posts via the links below and enjoy a sneaky peak at the Contemptor.

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