Thursday, 1 October 2015

Workbench Progress - The Death Guard

Hey there internet, I am back with an update on my Horus Heresy project and today I have some finished Death Guard models for your viewing pleasure.  I decided that the order in which I would paint the legions would be to start with the lighter and more high maintenance colours and work towards the darker.  So I kicked off with the Death Guard as they are basically an off white and I hate painting white then I will move onto the Imperial Fists followed by the Emperor’s Children and finally the Iron Hands who are basically ninety percent black. 

I have included a list below of the colours that I used so you should be able to work out from the pictures where I used them but here is a general method.  I fisrt air-brushed the entire of each model while pinned but not glued to the base in Dead White.  Then I removed everyone from their bases and air-brushed the bases in Steal Legion Drab from the new citadel air range.  Next I went into production line mode and added all the Retributor Armour and Leadbelcher details across everyone in places like the armour trim and any cable and weapon details.  I used the greens on the shoulder pads and the browns on the roman style leather straps and then red for the helmet lenses.  With the end in sight I gave the weapons a coat of Nuln Oil and the entire of the rest of the models a good coat of Agrax Earthshade.  The very last finishing touches were to dry brush the bases and lower leg armour in Terminatus Stone and give everything a coat of satin varnish then I added some gore to the close combat weapons with Blood for the Blood God.

Dead White (Vallejo Game Air)
Steal Legion Drab (air)
Terminatus Stone (dry)
Retributor Armour (base)
Leadbelcher (base)
Mephiston Red (base)
Castellan Green (base)
Loren Forest (layer)
Dryad Bark (base)
Gorthor Brown (layer)
Blood for the Blood God (technical)
Nuln Oil (shade)
Agrax Eathshade (shade)

You will notice that one of the Terminators has an arm off, that’s because I was waiting for it to arrive from eBay and it finally turned up a few days ago after a two week wait so it was not here in time for the pictures.  Also I have not bought the weapon arms for any of the Contemptor Dreadnoughts yet as I want to do that right at the end and get them all painted up together.

Wells that's enough from me lets get on with the pictures.

 I don't normally like gore on weapons but this new Blood paint is amazing looking.

The Praetor has both a sword and his chapter specific scythe.

Yes everyone has eight magnets in them .

I have started working on the two Tactical and Heavy Support squads so they should be base-coated and ready for for me to get on with this weekend  so please check back soon for another update and in the meantime good gaming.


  1. Smart on the contemptor arms. They are looking great! Very cohesive and well done army!

  2. I love the Death Guard. Those guys look freaking awesome!

  3. Cheers peeps, I got all the power armoured guys base coloured today.