Monday, 19 October 2015

Workbench Progress - Death Guard - One Legion Down, Three To Go.

Greetings, the Death Guard are finished and looking great even if I do say so myself, that's one legion down and three to go.  Next up are the Imperial Fists which I am  really looking forward to working on now I will be aided by the new citadel air version of Averland Sunset.  Anyway there is no need for me to prattle on about these guys so I will leave you a reminder of the colours that I used and let you get on and look at the pictures.

Dead White (Vallejo Game Air)
Steal Legion Drab (air)
Terminatus Stone (dry)
Retributor Armour (base)
Leadbelcher (base)
Mephiston Red (base)
Castellan Green (base)
Loren Forest (layer)
Dryad Bark (base)
Gorthor Brown (layer)
Blood for the Blood God (technical)
Nuln Oil (shade)
Agrax Eathshade (shade)

Be sure to check back soon for an update of the Imperial Fists.

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