Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Commission Painting - Tempestus Scions

Hey there, today I finished painting ten Tempestus Scions for a client.  Now, I always thought these models looked cool but having just spent a week working on them I can confirm that they are awesome.

They arrived through the mail already base-coated in The Fang which was cool but all bar one of the antenna on their right shoulders had broken off so I quickly replaced them with copper rod so they would never again break and then got some texture on the bases.

I magnetised the close combat weapon arms with 2x1mm neodymium disc magnets so they are hot swappable. 

I set to batch painting all ten at once until they were completely painted in bases colours.

I then added the washes/shades to add some shading and once they were dry I moved on to the layer paints followed by the highlights.

 With the bases finished things started looking really cool.

I still have to finish two Valkyrie's before this commission is finished but expect to see my Horus Heresy project taking shape here very soon as I already have some units built and ready for paint.

Anyway as always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed painting these guys.


  1. Nice. I like the blue on the weapons. Very clean paint jobs. Did u say they took you a week?

  2. Cheers, yeah I spent seven days working on them on and off :)

    That colour on the main body of the guns is Incubi Darkness.

  3. Great job, these guys look fantastic. Always love how the final stages really makes the models pop!