Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Games Played - Warhammer 30K

Hey there, 

I have recently been becoming a little disinterested in playing pick-up games of Warhammer 40k due to the constant arms race and GW’s totally disregard for FAQ’s and balance with each release.  I have instead found myself looking over the fence and coveting how much greener the grass appears in Warhamer 30K’s yard. I have sold my enormous Imperial Guard and Ork Cult of Speed armies and the cash I have received has now enabled me to dive head long into 30K.  I had been hearing the rumours of a plastic 30k starter set containing two mirrored forces for a while now and I even posted some of the early leaked the images on this blog a few weeks back.  Now with these rumours in mind I set to putting together an infantry based Crusader army that would be interesting to use while also being balanced if it was mirrored Vs itself.  This list building went so well that I decided to order and build four legions in this manner, two traitors and two loyalists and set myself a deadline of February 2016 to get them all built and painted so I can host a 30K gaming bash for my 38th birthday.  Obviously the list needed play testing before I dropped the cash so using my 40k Space Wolves Vs my mates 40K Imperial Fists we each did our best to best represent the list and went at it 30K style on a 4x4’ Forgeworld realm of battle board.

Legion Praetor – Cataphractii Armour, Volkite Charger, Parragon Blade (master crafted), Grenade Harness.
Legion Cataphractii Terminator Squad x5 – Combi Bolter x5, Power Sword x1, Power Axe x3, Chainfist x1, Grenade Harness.
Legion Contemptor Dreadnought – Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon, Power Fist, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armour.
Legion Tactical Squad x10 – Artificer Armour x1, Power Sword x1, Melta Bombs x1, Combat Blades x9, Legion Vexilla.
Legion Tactical Squad x10 – Artificer Armour x1, Power Sword x1, Melta Bombs x1, Combat Blades x9, Legion Vexilla.
Legion Heavy Support Squad x5 - Melta Bombs x1, Lascannon x5.

We setup the table with 6 maelstrom objectives and then we decided to draw up to three cards each turn.  I lost the roll off and would be going second and would then go on to fail my roll to seize the initiative.  I will also note that we went through our tactical decks ahead of time and removed all the cards that either could not be achieved or seemed stupid in this game format.

My opponent setup his Dreadnought/Contemptor, Heavy Support squad and one of his Tactical Marine squads on his right flank and his Terminators and his second Tactical Squad with the Praetor attached on his left flank.

I was not really sure what to do during deployment and despite saying that I would deploy my Terminators close to my Contemptor I ended up with Terminators and a Tactical Squad on my left flank and then I put my Heavy Support squad in the center behind a barricade.  I then put my Contemptor and my second Tactical squad on my right flank with my Preator attached to the Tactical squad.   I think we both ended up rolling the Warlord Trait Child of Terra so out Warlords and any unit they would join could re-roll 1’s to wound in close combat so that was going to make things very interesting.

This close combat was a massive gamble, it was my turn two and I was going to be charging through terrain so I needed to roll a minimum of a nine inch charge to reach those Terminators.

As luck would have it I made that charge and the Terminators evaporated in the face of my Preator and something in the region of thirty attacks coming from my legionnaires having been upgraded to carry combat blades.

The Imperial Fist counter attack rolled in like a freight train with some really good rolling causing my Space wolves to retreat but thankfully they did not get run down.

Despite causing considerable damage on the imperial Fists my Preator and what remained of his unit would fall back and then regroup in cover as the Imperial Fists pressed their advantage.

I was so glad to have one Chainfist in my Terminators squad as it would enable me to eventually destroy this Dreadnought, but not before it wrecked its way through everyone else in the squad.

My Preator would find himself having to regroup and defend against an Imperial Fists assault, victory would come to the Space Wolves but it would come at a terrible cost of the death of my Preator and only one Tactical Marine squad leader escaping alive. 

My Heavy Support squad would spend the entire game not able to draw line of site on anything much other than my opponents Heavy Support squad so they preceded to hammer them with relentless  Lascannon fire all game until they were wiped out.

When the game drew to a close the final scores stood at 5/8 in my favor with hardly any models left on the table other than one of my Tactical squads who spent the whole game rolling one's for difficult terrain moves and never really got into the fight.

The 30K project is now in full swing with two of the four legions  already taking shape so check back soon for more on this.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Commission Painting - Tempestus Scions

Hey there, today I finished painting ten Tempestus Scions for a client.  Now, I always thought these models looked cool but having just spent a week working on them I can confirm that they are awesome.

They arrived through the mail already base-coated in The Fang which was cool but all bar one of the antenna on their right shoulders had broken off so I quickly replaced them with copper rod so they would never again break and then got some texture on the bases.

I magnetised the close combat weapon arms with 2x1mm neodymium disc magnets so they are hot swappable. 

I set to batch painting all ten at once until they were completely painted in bases colours.

I then added the washes/shades to add some shading and once they were dry I moved on to the layer paints followed by the highlights.

 With the bases finished things started looking really cool.

I still have to finish two Valkyrie's before this commission is finished but expect to see my Horus Heresy project taking shape here very soon as I already have some units built and ready for paint.

Anyway as always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed painting these guys.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Battle Report - Zone Mortalis

Hey there, a little later than I promised I know but today I am showing off the pictures from the Zone Mortalis game I hosted last month.  We had four players sporting four different factions, we had Skitarii/Mechanicus, Imperial Fists, Eldar and then me with my Space Wolves.  

I set the table up with a single central objective worth three victory points and then we places six maelstrom of war objectives.  I wanted there to be a crap ton of ways to score VP to make sure everyone had a good chance so I also threw in slay the warlord and both first and last blood.  Before we setup I had everyone go through their tactical card decks and remove anything stupid that was not relevant to the style of game we were playing.

Now this was going to be a set seven turn game using the Deadlock maelstrom of war mission with everyone drawing six cards on their first turn and then drawing up to or discarding down to the turn number.

I placed a few extra restrictions of the units player could field to keep things civilised so on top of the usual Mortalis restrictions I added a total ban on any mounts of any kind so no jet-bikers, bikers or cavalry and with the exception of the Mechanicus factions players could only draw units from one Faction.

I fielded a list that I have been working on for playing Mortalis and small infantry based games using the Horus Heresy ruleset.

Wolf Lord - Terminator Armour, Kraken-bone Sword, Plasma Pistol
Wolf Guard Pack x5 - Combi Melta x4, Combi FLamer x1, Power Axe x5
Contemptor Dreadnought - Plasma Cannon, Heavy Flamer
Grey Hunters x10 - Wolf Guard, Power Sword, Meltagun x2, Close Combat Weapons x9
Grey Hunters x10 - Wolf Guard, Power Sword, Meltagun x2, Close Combat Weapons x9

The Eldar wrath constructs on the march.

I put my Contemptor and Grey Hunters on the table to start things off.

The Imperial Fists infiltrated on the centre objective and prepared to join up and fight a battle on all fronts.

The Mechanicus units swiftly make their way towards the table centre looking for a fight.

The Imperial Fist scouts dig in and await the coming of the storm.

The Howling Banshee's strike out early in an attempt to draw first blood.

My advance was spearheaded by my Contemptor Dread.

The Imperial Fists quickly defend and secure their table quarter.

The Eldar Wrathguard were dead set on unleashing their D-Scythes on my Wolves.

My Contemptor would spend a few turns smashing it's way through those Wrathguard so they would never have the chance to unleash those aforementioned D-Scythes.

Then as a follow up the Contemptor would bring down a Wrathlord.

My Wolf Lord arrived on my third turn along with his Wolf Guard bodyguards.

The main bulk of the Eldar force would eventually be ground to dust under the boots of the Imperial Fist's and the Space Wolves with only the Warp Spiders managing to escape due to their incredible manoeuvrability.

The Contemptor's killing spree was not to last, and it was eventually felled by the Assault Terminators.

The Wolf Guard were left behind by their lord to secure objective three which I had drawn twice.

The Mechanicus Robots seemed to have a tough time of it but they did get to smash some Eldar.

My Wolf Lord managed to carve his way through the Imperial Fist Captain but his victory would be short lived as he was gunned down by Warp Spiders shortly after this picture was taken.

My Wolf Guard Terminators were blasted off the table just as they approached the centre objective by the now much feared triple Plasma Culivers.

When the game came to an end the Imperial Fists were still holding on to the centre objective by the skin of their teeth.

The final scores show that there was no shortage of scoring from all of the players with fifty points scored overall.

1st - Imperial Fists = 16VP
2nd - Eldar = 13VP
3rd - Space Wolves = 11VP
4th - Mechanicus  = 10VP

I currently have a very interesting 30K project that I am about to kick off so check back soon for more info on that.