Monday, 27 July 2015

NEWS - Horus Heresy Era Plastics Are Here

Hey everyone, I am still working on my Skitarii Vanguard so not hobby update today but I woke up this morning to find the internet awash with images of the rumored Horus Heresy era plastics from GW prime.  I am about to drop some cash on a 30K era Iron Hands army so this would seem like good news for me but sadly these plastics seem to all be MKIV Maximus armour and that is my least favorite of the powered armour variant.

Hey ho I guess you can't win em all, I will go MKIII Iron Armour and go full resin but these plastics will open up 30K to the masses and make GW a butt load more cash from their Space Marine poster boys, now all those upgrade kits GW and FW have been pumping out make a lot more sense.

This look slike a Preator with Power Armour and Cataphractii options.

There are some retro heavy and special weapon options here and combat blades for everyone.

More retro pattern special weapons and Boltguns, pistols and some combi options and I think a Power Fist.

Back Packs a bunch of MKIV heads and enough Grenades to go round everyone,

I will get some more info up as and when it turns up.

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