Monday, 27 July 2015

NEWS - Horus Heresy Era Plastics Are Here

Hey everyone, I am still working on my Skitarii Vanguard so not hobby update today but I woke up this morning to find the internet awash with images of the rumored Horus Heresy era plastics from GW prime.  I am about to drop some cash on a 30K era Iron Hands army so this would seem like good news for me but sadly these plastics seem to all be MKIV Maximus armour and that is my least favorite of the powered armour variant.

Hey ho I guess you can't win em all, I will go MKIII Iron Armour and go full resin but these plastics will open up 30K to the masses and make GW a butt load more cash from their Space Marine poster boys, now all those upgrade kits GW and FW have been pumping out make a lot more sense.

This look slike a Preator with Power Armour and Cataphractii options.

There are some retro heavy and special weapon options here and combat blades for everyone.

More retro pattern special weapons and Boltguns, pistols and some combi options and I think a Power Fist.

Back Packs a bunch of MKIV heads and enough Grenades to go round everyone,

I will get some more info up as and when it turns up.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Workbench Progress - I Went And Updated my Space Marine Allies

Good day to you all, I have spent the last few weeks updating my Space Wolves themed Codex Space Marine allies in light of the new Space Marine codex so I thought I would show it all off today.

In my local meta it is very common for me to run into a lot of Tau armies who generally run two Riptides so I was looking for a second Grav-cannon unit that could Drop Pod in alongside my Grav Centurions for the old one two punch but I did not want a 2nd Centurion squad.

Then the most recent iteration of the Space Marine codex came to my aid and was generous enough to provide regular Devastator Squads with access to Grav-cannons so I picked up two boxes on release day.

My allied detachment was now going to have two heavy support slots filled so it was going to need to be upgraded to a Combined Arms detachment,  I would need a second unit of scouts and as Telion is now an HQ slot he looked like a must have to replace my Librarian.

I managed to get a metal Telion from eBay and upon it's arrival I set to removing the Ultramarine iconography and swapping the head for something a bit more Space Wolves-ish.

I know that some people don't like themed allies and years a go I would have counted myself among them but GW have made it very clear that the armies of the Imperium should be used together and if they will insist on restricting certain must take weapons from the likes of the Space Wolves and the Blood Angels then I feel we must oblige.

I generally use a Champions of Fenris detachment at local events along with an Imperial knight and my Grav-cannon allies so in light of my recent additions my revised allies detachment looks like this............

Imperial Bunker - Quad-gun, Void Shield
Scouts Squad (5 man) - Sniper rifles
Scouts Squad (5 man) - Sniper rifles
Drop Pod
Dev Centerions (3 man) - Hurricane Bolters x3, Grav-cannons & amps x3
Dev Squad (5 man) - Combi Grav, Grav-cannons & Amps x4, Drop Pod

I am very pleased with how Telion turned out, I felt it was important to use as much of the actual original model as possible as it helps an opponent recognize him over a kit bashed representation.

With his new Combi Grav my regular Long Fang Pack Leader has joined my new Grav-cannon Dev's.

These guys did have missile launchers which I pulled off and replaced with Grav-cannons, I then some of the new Space wolves upgrade kit shoulder pads to finish the look.

I thought I would fish out a Forgeworld city tile and put everyone on parade for your viewing pleasure, these guys look really cool fighting along side my Thunder-cav army.

Well that's me done for another week or two, I am now free to finish off bringing my two Skitarii Vanguard units up to full strength while I wait for payday to roll round so I can buy my next Primarch model which will be Horus this time.  I also have a four player Zone Mortalis game coming up next weekend so you can expect pictures from that game soon after.

Check back soon for more updates.