Monday, 22 June 2015

Workbench Progress - Tech-Priest Dominus

Hello there internet,

It's taken me a good few weeks to get this model finished and ready for the blog, it was a very interesting miniature to work on but at the same time very, very different to anything I have worked on before.

I went with the elongated pope style head, I know lots of people prefer the other head but I wanted to use this head because whenever I read about the Mechanicum there is always someone who sounds like they would look strange like this.

I think this model is one of the best that GW have come up with in resent years with an amazing level of detail.  My one complaint would be that the underside of the model is hollow so if like me you texture you bases ahead of time it becomes impossible to glue him down as you just don't have enough surface area to achieve a good bond.

I ended up having to stick a large blob of Green Stuff on the base and press him down into it which I then painted black to help hide it and while this was not difficult it was not my ideal solution.

No Tech Priest Dominus would ever leave their forge without his or her's trusty power axe, it is not only a formidable weapon but also a mark of their status within the Cult Mechanicum.
Here you can better see the strange liquid storage tanks on the top carapace, it's anyone's guess what is contained within.

There is no shortage of cool details on this model that just beg to be made to look like they glow so I obliged. 

So that's my Cult Mechanicus units done for now as I really don't think I will be getting any Electro Priests.  Next up on the workbench will be ten more Skitarii Vanguard to bring both squads up to full strength.  I also have a unit of Space Wolves themed Space Marine Devastators with Grav-cannons and a Sergeant Telion who I need to get done ASAP so be sure to check back soon for more updates.

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  1. Beautiful job Simon. You really captured the detail well on this so many bits to check out!