Monday, 8 June 2015

Workbench Progress - Kataphron Destroyers

Hey there internet, I have been busy as usual and today I am showing off my cult Mechanicus Kataphron Destroyers.

Man these guys came together so quickly and if I am honest I did not expect them to be finished so soon but I won’t complain.  The kits themselves required the usual level of attention to the instructions while building just as with all the new Skitarii and Mechanicus kits but so long as you don’t start to ad-lib things should go together very smoothly. 

I went with the Heavy Grav Cannon loadout across two units of three which I’m sure I will end up using as a single unit of six in an allied detachment. 

I sprayed all the models in Vallejo black primer before then dry-brushing them all in Necron Compound, I then went back in and blacked out a few areas like the under suit and the gun casing.

Next I applied Khorne Red to the armour on the torso and the track guards and a little to the Hannibal Lector style face mask.

Then it was time to add the gold trim and the Grav-Cannon details with Balthasar Gold and the human face in Pallid Wych Flesh.

I then covered the whole of the model in my special mix of Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Druchii Violet.

Once the wash was dry I went back in and cleaned up the red and highlighted the face and painted the Grav-Cannon valves and any reticles in Sotec Green, Temple Guard Blue and Baharroth Blue before gluing the Destroyers to their bases.  I had pre-painted the bases in Khorne Red dry-brushed with Ryza Rust and Kindleflame and edged in Rhinox hide.

Finally I gave everything a blast of Vallejo satin varnish and gave the Gav-cannon valves and the reticles a coat of gloss varnish to really make them pop.

Next up will be my Dominus as it's all built and ready for paint so check back soon to see the finished pictures.


  1. These guys look really freaking awesome! Great job...boy do they look brutally scary.

    1. Cheers dude :) "resistance is futile"