Monday, 1 June 2015

Workbench Progress - Kastelan Robot Maniple

Hello again and welcome to what the experts are calling the official start of British summer time, only time will tell if the weather shows any evidence of this most seasonal of changes.  In the mean time I am very happy to be able to show off my newly completed Kastelan Robots and their shiny Datasmith.

I know the community is split over the aesthetics of these new Robots with some people like myself feeling they are the appropriate level of Sci-Fi B-movie awesome while other can't get over the striking resemblance they bear to Disney’s Big Hero 6 character Baymax.

Whether you love em or hate em the Cult Mechacnicus is finally here and the model kits are simply great to work with, the level of fine detail is amazing.  In my opinion apart from a little more attention to the instructions being required compared to older kits the construction of everything I have built so far has gone very smoothly.

My Skitarii/Mechanicus army is starting to take shape and I should be able to field 1000pts in zone Mortalis very soon.   Next up on the workbench are two units of three Kataphron Battle Servator Destroyers who are built and under-coated and rocking the Heavy Grav-cannon loadout.

Check back soon for more updates

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  1. Great job on these guys. Still not the biggest fan of the robo heads, but I haven't seen them in person yet. I have seen some amazing replacement heads already, which makes me giddly happy.

    That datasmith is off the hook ridiculously awesome!