Monday, 22 June 2015

Workbench Progress - Tech-Priest Dominus

Hello there internet,

It's taken me a good few weeks to get this model finished and ready for the blog, it was a very interesting miniature to work on but at the same time very, very different to anything I have worked on before.

I went with the elongated pope style head, I know lots of people prefer the other head but I wanted to use this head because whenever I read about the Mechanicum there is always someone who sounds like they would look strange like this.

I think this model is one of the best that GW have come up with in resent years with an amazing level of detail.  My one complaint would be that the underside of the model is hollow so if like me you texture you bases ahead of time it becomes impossible to glue him down as you just don't have enough surface area to achieve a good bond.

I ended up having to stick a large blob of Green Stuff on the base and press him down into it which I then painted black to help hide it and while this was not difficult it was not my ideal solution.

No Tech Priest Dominus would ever leave their forge without his or her's trusty power axe, it is not only a formidable weapon but also a mark of their status within the Cult Mechanicum.
Here you can better see the strange liquid storage tanks on the top carapace, it's anyone's guess what is contained within.

There is no shortage of cool details on this model that just beg to be made to look like they glow so I obliged. 

So that's my Cult Mechanicus units done for now as I really don't think I will be getting any Electro Priests.  Next up on the workbench will be ten more Skitarii Vanguard to bring both squads up to full strength.  I also have a unit of Space Wolves themed Space Marine Devastators with Grav-cannons and a Sergeant Telion who I need to get done ASAP so be sure to check back soon for more updates.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Workbench Progress - Kataphron Destroyers

Hey there internet, I have been busy as usual and today I am showing off my cult Mechanicus Kataphron Destroyers.

Man these guys came together so quickly and if I am honest I did not expect them to be finished so soon but I won’t complain.  The kits themselves required the usual level of attention to the instructions while building just as with all the new Skitarii and Mechanicus kits but so long as you don’t start to ad-lib things should go together very smoothly. 

I went with the Heavy Grav Cannon loadout across two units of three which I’m sure I will end up using as a single unit of six in an allied detachment. 

I sprayed all the models in Vallejo black primer before then dry-brushing them all in Necron Compound, I then went back in and blacked out a few areas like the under suit and the gun casing.

Next I applied Khorne Red to the armour on the torso and the track guards and a little to the Hannibal Lector style face mask.

Then it was time to add the gold trim and the Grav-Cannon details with Balthasar Gold and the human face in Pallid Wych Flesh.

I then covered the whole of the model in my special mix of Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Druchii Violet.

Once the wash was dry I went back in and cleaned up the red and highlighted the face and painted the Grav-Cannon valves and any reticles in Sotec Green, Temple Guard Blue and Baharroth Blue before gluing the Destroyers to their bases.  I had pre-painted the bases in Khorne Red dry-brushed with Ryza Rust and Kindleflame and edged in Rhinox hide.

Finally I gave everything a blast of Vallejo satin varnish and gave the Gav-cannon valves and the reticles a coat of gloss varnish to really make them pop.

Next up will be my Dominus as it's all built and ready for paint so check back soon to see the finished pictures.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Workbench Progress - Kastelan Robot Maniple

Hello again and welcome to what the experts are calling the official start of British summer time, only time will tell if the weather shows any evidence of this most seasonal of changes.  In the mean time I am very happy to be able to show off my newly completed Kastelan Robots and their shiny Datasmith.

I know the community is split over the aesthetics of these new Robots with some people like myself feeling they are the appropriate level of Sci-Fi B-movie awesome while other can't get over the striking resemblance they bear to Disney’s Big Hero 6 character Baymax.

Whether you love em or hate em the Cult Mechacnicus is finally here and the model kits are simply great to work with, the level of fine detail is amazing.  In my opinion apart from a little more attention to the instructions being required compared to older kits the construction of everything I have built so far has gone very smoothly.

My Skitarii/Mechanicus army is starting to take shape and I should be able to field 1000pts in zone Mortalis very soon.   Next up on the workbench are two units of three Kataphron Battle Servator Destroyers who are built and under-coated and rocking the Heavy Grav-cannon loadout.

Check back soon for more updates