Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Workbench Progress - Onager Dunecrawler

Hey there, I have been busy getting my Skitarii/Adeptus Mechanicus army built while trying to paint a unit a week and this week I am very happy to be sharing with you the pictures of my Onager Dunecrawler.

I thought it would be easier to paint with the armour main hull and leg assembly separate.  

I base-coated the main hull in Scarlet and the legs in Steel both from the Vallejo Model Air range so in next to no time it was ready for the next stage.

With a bit of a tidy up using a brush I united the hull and the legs and gave the whole model a wash using a mix of Agrax Earthshade, Nuln Oil and Druchii Violet.

Once the wash was dry I gave the hull a dry-brush in Necron Compound and then gave the red a tidy up and set about painted the lens details in Stegadon Scale Green, Sotec Green, Temple Guard Blue and finally Baharroth Blue.

Then I went round and painted the missiles, blacked out the Autocannon barrels and painted the Mechanicus icons.

I decided to add a stripe of Pallid Witch Flesh and a decal, then sealed the whole model with satin varnish.

I have left the model separate from it's the base so it will be easier to store and painted the base in first in Scarlet which is basically an exact match for Khorne Red which was then dry-brushed in Ryza Rust and Kindelflame and finally edged in Rhinox Hide.

Next up with be the Kastelan Robots and their Datasmith who are already built and basecoated so it wont be long before I have them finished and ready to show off.

Check back soon for more updates.


  1. Great work simon! The crawler came out great, and the base is fantastic with him.

  2. That is cool. The bottom reminds me of a defiler and the top. Something orky. The base does indeed look sweet. A quote involving Arnie and Mars springs to mind.

    1. Cheers dude, these Mechanicus models are a ton of fun to build and paint as they are so different to all the other models in the 40k range.