Monday, 4 May 2015

Workbench Progress - Lorgar Aurelian

Hey there, another Primarch has rolled off the production line and this times it's Lorgar the progenitor of the Word Bearers legion.

This model went together with only one real issue and that was with one of the spiked halo's around the head of the Crozius but with some time and green stuff I managed to get it all built and secure.

I added a few pins to the cloak so it would be easier to attach and more resistant to damage while in storage or transit. 

I decided to build the entire model baring the head and cloak ready for painting because access around the rest of the model was good.  I used pins to attach it to the base which I did not glue until after all the base colours were completed. 

With the undercoat finished it was time to start laying down the base colours.

I started by airbrushing the base with Vallejo Game Air Earth followed by Bone White then the head in Rotten Flesh.

Next I sprayed the cloak with Scarlet Red again from the Game Air range.

Finally I sprayed the armour in Game Air Steel and the head of the Crozius in Brass.

Soon it was time to switch to a brush and add all of the Citadel base colours starting with Balthasar Gold on all the armour trim and general bling.

I painted all the strips of parchment in Zandri Dust and Ushabti Bone.

I used Khorne Red on the book cover and the binding on the grip of the Crozius.

Finally I added some highlights to the face and dotted the eyes, I wanted a pale complexion so I did not go to over the top on the skin.

Then came the washes, I used the same three part mix of Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Druchii Violet that I used on my Zone Mortalis tiles over the entire model except the red of the cloak.

I dry-brushed the parchments, head and the base in Terminatus Stone and ended by painting the bevel of the base in Steel Legion Drab.

I am very happy with the finished model, it really has the look of a warrior monk or a crusader knight.  I think Horus is up next so it should be fun painting the big man himself though I really can't wait until I get round to Vulkan but I promised myself I would paint them in release order.  Why not take a look at the Primarchs that I have already painted via the linked down below and be sure to check back soon.

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