Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Workbench Progress - Onager Dunecrawler

Hey there, I have been busy getting my Skitarii/Adeptus Mechanicus army built while trying to paint a unit a week and this week I am very happy to be sharing with you the pictures of my Onager Dunecrawler.

I thought it would be easier to paint with the armour main hull and leg assembly separate.  

I base-coated the main hull in Scarlet and the legs in Steel both from the Vallejo Model Air range so in next to no time it was ready for the next stage.

With a bit of a tidy up using a brush I united the hull and the legs and gave the whole model a wash using a mix of Agrax Earthshade, Nuln Oil and Druchii Violet.

Once the wash was dry I gave the hull a dry-brush in Necron Compound and then gave the red a tidy up and set about painted the lens details in Stegadon Scale Green, Sotec Green, Temple Guard Blue and finally Baharroth Blue.

Then I went round and painted the missiles, blacked out the Autocannon barrels and painted the Mechanicus icons.

I decided to add a stripe of Pallid Witch Flesh and a decal, then sealed the whole model with satin varnish.

I have left the model separate from it's the base so it will be easier to store and painted the base in first in Scarlet which is basically an exact match for Khorne Red which was then dry-brushed in Ryza Rust and Kindelflame and finally edged in Rhinox Hide.

Next up with be the Kastelan Robots and their Datasmith who are already built and basecoated so it wont be long before I have them finished and ready to show off.

Check back soon for more updates.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Workbench Progress - Skitarii Vanguard

Hey there,

My Adeptus Mechanicum army is starting to take shape, I have spent this week building and painting two 5 man units of Skitarii Vanguard.  I do plan to push both units to full size but I just wanted to get something built and painted and these units do satisfy the minimum required units for the Skitarii Maniple in the codex.

These models were very different to work with than I am used to,  Marines, Orks and Guardsmen who are all quite solid models while these Skitarii have a lot of finely detailed components like the Dark Eldar plastics so more care is advised when clipping components from the frames to avoid breakages.

I managed to get these guys built without gluing my fingers together or breaking anything while also making use of a few pro tips I was given.  The 1st tip is follow the instructions and building each model one at a time and the 2nd is construct and then prime the legs and upper portion of each model separately as it enables you to paint the inside of the trench coat with greater ease before then reuniting them to continue painting.

I also made a point of watching the GW Skitarii Ranger painting tutorial video before I set to work as I was planning to follow the same colour scheme and these new videos are bloody good.

I used the following colours on all the arc weapon FX, Sotec Green, Temple Guard Blue and Baharroth Blue which provides more or less the same effect that I have on the Frost Weapons in my Space wolves army minus the use of Stegadon Scale Green as a base which helps tie in the two army paint schemes.

I used the same arc weapon paint effect on the Rad Carbine, Omnispex and lamp details across the whole unit as it adds a nice accent colour that also helps to highlight some of the little details.

The bases are Khorne Red which is then dry-brushed in Ryza Rust followed by a highlight dry-brushing of Kindleflame then the bevel is painted in Rhinox Hide.

As someone who has painted an enormous number of Boltguns and even more Lasguns it was a little daunting to see the amazing level of detail on each of the Rad Carbines, they turned out looking great but I am glad I don’t have to paint many more of them.

Next up is the Onager Dunecrawler so I can legally field some battle Forged allies before I move on to the Mechanicus Elimination Maniple.  Another few weeks of pre-orders await me and my straining wallet but it's all looking amazing and I am really enjoying these releases and can't wait to get a look at the codex.

Anyway check back soon and thanks for reading.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

NEWS - Codex Adeptus Mechanicus Cover Art

This release it going to be wicked fun, I am off to my local store to pre-order some Mechanicus stuff today.  The cover art for all the 6th/7th edition books have been amazing but this cover has just shot to my number one.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

NEWS - Mechanicus Image Roundup

Here are some of the pictures that I have gathered form all over the web for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Workbench Progress - Lorgar Aurelian

Hey there, another Primarch has rolled off the production line and this times it's Lorgar the progenitor of the Word Bearers legion.

This model went together with only one real issue and that was with one of the spiked halo's around the head of the Crozius but with some time and green stuff I managed to get it all built and secure.

I added a few pins to the cloak so it would be easier to attach and more resistant to damage while in storage or transit. 

I decided to build the entire model baring the head and cloak ready for painting because access around the rest of the model was good.  I used pins to attach it to the base which I did not glue until after all the base colours were completed. 

With the undercoat finished it was time to start laying down the base colours.

I started by airbrushing the base with Vallejo Game Air Earth followed by Bone White then the head in Rotten Flesh.

Next I sprayed the cloak with Scarlet Red again from the Game Air range.

Finally I sprayed the armour in Game Air Steel and the head of the Crozius in Brass.

Soon it was time to switch to a brush and add all of the Citadel base colours starting with Balthasar Gold on all the armour trim and general bling.

I painted all the strips of parchment in Zandri Dust and Ushabti Bone.

I used Khorne Red on the book cover and the binding on the grip of the Crozius.

Finally I added some highlights to the face and dotted the eyes, I wanted a pale complexion so I did not go to over the top on the skin.

Then came the washes, I used the same three part mix of Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Druchii Violet that I used on my Zone Mortalis tiles over the entire model except the red of the cloak.

I dry-brushed the parchments, head and the base in Terminatus Stone and ended by painting the bevel of the base in Steel Legion Drab.

I am very happy with the finished model, it really has the look of a warrior monk or a crusader knight.  I think Horus is up next so it should be fun painting the big man himself though I really can't wait until I get round to Vulkan but I promised myself I would paint them in release order.  Why not take a look at the Primarchs that I have already painted via the linked down below and be sure to check back soon.