Thursday, 2 April 2015

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves Grav Centurions

Hey there, I'm back with yet another workbench update and this time I am showing off my Space Wolves themed Ultramarine allies detachment.

So its no great secret that Grav Centurions are deadly and bouncing them around via Gate of Infinity makes them bloody lethal, so I decided that I wanted to get in on some of that Grav-cannon action and once I discovered that my Drop Pods could now be loaded up with my allies I set to work getting this little lot put together.

I started off by including my Power Armoured Rune Priest who will represent Tigarius or a standard Librarian depending on the points available to me. I have had ten Wolf Scouts painted for a while now and have been planning to convert their Boltguns to look more like the style used on Forgeworld's MKIV Recon Squad so they can act as both Boltguns and sniper rifles. 

I wanted my Centurions to be Long Fangs so I dug up some cool looking bearded heads and shaved off some of the armour bling and now they are painted I think they make very convincing Fenrisians.

Despite looking like a complicated kit they went together easily and I only opted to paint the weapons separately in the end as I found access to all the armours mechanical details was really good.

I used the same colours on the Grav-cannons as those used on all my runes, Helfrost and power weapon details to help really tie these model in with my overall army theme.

The same colours were also used on the Grav-amps to complete the look.

I will soon be painting the Word Bearers Primarch Lorgar and some of the new Skitarii models so be sure to check back soon.

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