Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Workbench Progress - Ork Warbikers Mob

Hey there, it's good to be back so soon after my last post with something new to show off.

This mob started off as five fully painted bikes without riders and a fully painted Nob and Warboss on Warbikes.  Warbikes fell out of favour with me a few years back and over time I re-purposed the five Ork riders to make up the numbers in other mobs.  Thankfully I kept the bikes somewhere safe until I found a use for them.

It was not until I found the rules for a Forgeworld Warboss by the name of Zhadsnark 'Da Rippa' that I became interested in Warbikers again.  This guy has the skilled rider special rule and wields Da Rippa which swings at his full initiative of 4 at double strength and AP2.  As if all this was not good enough he also makes Warbikers troops, and if he deploys attached to them the whole unit gains the scout special rule.  So I think you will agree that it made sense to get a big mob of Warbikers together and get this guy on the table top.

In my 1750pts army list I planned to field Zhadsnark attached to a mob of nine Warbikers so I needed to paint four more bikes and nine riders so there was quite a bit of work to do.

Well despite all the work that needed doing I managed to get everything finished in about three days on and off which was bloody fast even for me.

I now have a mob ten Warbikers including the Nob who has a Boss Pole and a magnetised right arm which usually sports a Power Klaw.

The nob does have a bit of a better paint job as he is after-all the Mob leader while everyone else was batch painted to a very respectable standard.

Here we see them as I will field them with Zhadsnark leading a mob of nine Warbikers.

This guy is bad-ass, I have had this model since it was first released and as it was a gift from my wife it's great to have it out of the cabinet and leading my army after all this time.

I have given Zhadsnark a few paint job updates over the years just to make sure he looks up to scratch and I think he still looks the part.


I have a game lined up for my Orks in the next few weeks so I will make sure I get some good pictures for a bit of a battle report so check back soon for that and an update on my next project which is three Space Wolves themed Grav Centurions.

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