Sunday, 29 March 2015

Tournament Report - Carnage!

This weekend I had my first game of 40K since the skiing accident, it was a highlander event hosted at my local Games Workshop.  The points limit was 1000pts with no Forgeworld or Imperial Knights and we were limited to only one detachment source.

The highlander format can be quite difficult to build for due to the strict limitations but eventually I came up with the following.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader - Runic Armour, Krakenbone Sword, Melta Bombs, Storm Shield, Mount.
Iron Priest - Mount, Cyber Wolves x4.
Wolf Guard x5 - Combi Melta x5, Drop Pod.
Thunderwolf Cavelry - Thunder Hammer x1, Storm Shield x5.
Long Fangs x6 - Missile Launcher x5.

Game 1
Space Wolves Vs Tau
Big Guns Never Tire 

When I set for this game I was more than a little worried about how much hurt that Riptide could put on my Thunder Wolves.  I decided to set up the Long Fangs with a good line of site with the hope of smacking a few wounds off the Riptide before the wolf pack could make contact.  The Wolf Pack would head straight for the Tau lines and get into combat as soon as possible.  I planned to send the Wolf Guard suicide Combi Melta pack right down on top of the Riptide to try and get a few more wounds on him and maybe in combo with the Long Fangs take him out without the need for close combat.

As planned I got first turn and moved the Thunder Wolves their full 12" in the movement phase, I then knocked a few wounds of the Riptide with the Long Fangs and the Wolf Guard got one more after suffering some horrible intercept fire.

During the shooting phase I was about to run the Thunder Wolves when I noticed that the Stealth suits had been infiltrated in the terrain in the centre of the table and were within charge range.  I almost overlooked the Stealth guys all together because they were a very similar colour to the terrain and were quite well camouflaged.  Anyway I go a first turn charge on and was able to gain some more ground with a good consolidation move.

This game very much went my way right from the start and by turn four I had ripped my way through every enemy unit and tabled my opponent for the win.

Game 2
 Space Wolves Vs Tyranids
Purge The Alien

This game was a tough match up as all the Winged Hive Tyrant and the Mawlock were going to make things very tough indeed.  I got seized on so ended up going second which was not cool, I took some damage on the Thundercav but they held their ground.  

On my turn one I pulled off a very risky drop with my Wolf Guard and scored 1st blood by killing the Boivores.  My Thundercav made it into position for a turn two charge on the Mawlock resulting in it's death and the Long Fangs did nothing to the flying Hive Tyrant as I packed no sky-fire in this list.

At the end of turn six I only had my Warlord left on the table still fighting his way through fearless Termagants, he had slain twenty or more single-handedly but it was at the cost of his unit and while he was bogged down the game was lost.

Game 3
Space Wolves Vs Eldar

Going into this game I did not feel confident at all as I was going to have to carve my way through an Avatar a Wraithlord and a Wraithknight before I could even think about securing any objectives.  As it happens only these three units started on the table leaving two units of jetbikers and a Wave Serpent containing five Fire Dragons in reserves.  The Eldar got first turn and I lost a few Cyber Wolves and the Long Fangs pack leader.  On my first turn I moved and ran the Thundercav and dropped the Wolf Guard in close to the Wraithknight taking off a wound then claiming another two with a well placed volley from the Long Fangs.

Eldar turn two saw the arrival of the fire Dragons and their transport, my Thundercav took some punishing fire but weathered it. My Wolf Guard and their Drop Pod were not so lucky and were all destroyed.   In my turn two I shot a few hull points off the Wave Serpent with the Long Fangs and charged the Wraithknight bringing it down with my Thunder Hammer.  The Eldar turn three saw the start of a meat grinder of a close combat that would run for a few game turns and end with my Wolves victorious.

With all the Eldar heavy hitters gone I had a few turns to chase down the Fire Dragons and the Jetbikers then destroy the Wave Serpent resulting in the tabling of my opponent for the win. 

Cool Models

My first round opponents Riptide.

My round two opponents Mawlock.

A mate of mines Wraithknight.


With two wins under my belt I was very happy to have placed third overall with help from some solid painting and hobby points.

I have another local event in May but in the mean time be sure to check back later this week to see my completed Space Wolf Grav Centurions.

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