Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Workbench Progress - Warhammer Fantasy Battle Chess

Greetings internet and a belated Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all.

You will have noticed that today’s post is not 40K related, the reason for this is that this particular project has sat shelved for quite some time and this Xmas I was determined to get it finished and claim back some space on my hobby workbench.

I think it was way back in 2008 was when I first started this project, my wife wanted a WFB themed chess set  so I volunteered to knock one up and have it all painted ready for Xmas 2008.  Now back then I was not nearly as proficient at getting things done to a deadline but I still managed to get everything painted and a nice chess board ordered.  The only thing left to do was find somewhere selling resin or wooden chess style bases that I could use to mount all the models and that’s where I decided to just wait until the right bases turned up. 

It was early 2013 before I finally found somewhere that had suitable bases for a price I was willing to pay so I placed an order.  Sadly due to my schedule being so full of terrain painting (Zone Mortalis/Realm of Battle City Scape) that year and then 2014 being chock full of all three of my army’s being updated this project got shelves again.

So forward to Xmas 2014 and I find myself in between Primarchs and not really having anything setup as an Xmas project so I bit the bullet and got stuck in and finished the chess set.

So without further ado let’s take a look at the pictures, I will say please forgive the yellow hair on the High Elves as I was not really good at painting blonde hair back in 2008 but otherwise the models are still looking quite nice.

You may have noticed that the squares on the board are a little too small for the resin bases and all I can say to that is oops, next time I see a nice chess board with larger squares I will replace this one.

I am so glad that this set is finished and looking very striking in my cabinet,  my workbench had some available space for at least a day before I began working on my plastic Meganobs and expanding my Warbikers mob. 

Well that's all for now, please check back soon.


  1. This is really awesome! Great work! Wow this kinda of inspires me to do this for 40k!

  2. That would be sooooo cool :)

  3. Red sunz vs ultramarines? Hmm ultramarines hate nids most of all. Who hates orks most of all? Crimson fists?

  4. I would say Crimson Fist as the Orks have destroyed their home world once and then there was the invasion of Rynn's World