Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Workbench Progress - Ork Meganobz

Greetings internet, I am back with the 2nd hobby update of 2015, it turns out I have quite a few small projects on my workbench ranging from Orks to Space Wolves to Primarchs and a bunch of 40k events lined up so I should be good for posts for a while.

Anyway lets get back to today's post...........MEGANOBZ!

I got back into 40k back in 2003 and one of the 1st units I bought was Meganobz, back then they were metal and even though they were bad-ass by the standards of the day I always wished they were plastic.  Fast forward another ten years and I think they were replaced by Finecast (failcast) this solved the problem of them being so damned heavy but by then the sculpt was looking really dated.

Then 2014 rolls round and BOOM! a new Ork codex and finally we have an amazing new plastic Meganobz kit that comes with all the loadout options and even makes a Big Mek in Mega Armour.  I obviously ran out and bought two boxes of these models but I had so much on that I shelved them until a few weeks back when I found a buyer for my old metal Meganobz.

Now my old metals had gone I really needed to get my ass in gear and break out the new plastics and I was not disappointed.  The kit is really great, all the bits are joined to the frames at locations that seem to reduce the need for much cleanup work before you get to building.  In next to no time I have all five built but I made sure I left the arms and the weapon off so I had  better access for painting.  

The weapons actually fit on to a large peg at the wrist of the arms so if you don't glue them you can hot swap between the Shoota/Power Klaws and the double Buzzsaws which is really good of GW as it lets you make use of all the bits in the box.  

I wanted everyone to have a Power Klaw and a Kombi Scortcha and would single out the mob leader with the coolest head and a Boss Pole.

I started off using my airbrush to prime them in Vallejo black primer then I based them in Mephiston Red following up with an all over wash in Agrax Earthshade.  I then based the Power Klaws in Balthasar Gold and the Kombi Scorchas in Vallejo Gun metal again with the airbrush.

Next I used Necron Compound and using a medium brush I dry-brushed it across all the raised edges of the red armour areas to give a weathered and distressed FX. 

I then took up a regular brush and blocked out the trousers/pants in Abaddon black and the flesh in Waaagh Flesh.  I used Averland Sun for the yellow details and Zandri Dust for the teeth and the skulls on the Boss Pole.

Continuing to block out base colours I added the Balthasar Gold to the Shoota gauntlet and a few other details and then Leadbelcher to the Power Klaw blades and a few details on the armour like hydraulic support rods, Frag Stikk Bombs, horns and Cybork details.  Realising I had overlooked it entirely I then add a layer of Rhinox Hide to the hair on the Boss Pole.

Next it was time for some washes, I added Nuln Oil to all the gun metal areas and Agrax Earthshade to all the Gold details. 

After all the washes were dry I went back in with Mephiston Red and just cleaned up some of the armour surfaces to bring the red back up a little while maintaining a good level of weathering.

With the finish in sight I highlighted the flesh in Warboss Green followed by Mute Green, then the teeth with Ushabti Bone.  I added some more Mephiston Red to the eyes and added a final little bit of detail by painting the sights on the Shootas using Stegadon Scale Green, Sotek Green and Temple Guard Blue.

Finally came the bases which I painted in Zandri Dust highlighted with a dry-brushing of Terminatus Stone, as an afterthought I then also gave the Skulls and hair on the Boss Pole a quick dry-brush of Terminatus Stone.

After a blast of satin varnish through the Airbrush they were ready for a few cool shots along side their pimped out Battle Wagon.

Being plastic this unit will be a crap ton easier to move around the table top in the back of their Battle Wagon.


I am really pleased with this mob, the kit was great to work with and the level of Orky detail is amazing, was it worth the wait.............yeah what the hell this kit is wicked sick.

Well I have a few Thunderwolf Mounted Iron Priests that I need to paint up for an event and then a mob of ten Warbikers so be sure and check back soon.


  1. Great mega nobz! I did exactly the same thing you did. I bought two kits, haven't put them together yet. (Too many other projects!). Mega nobz have always been one of my favorite ork units, both in use, and in look. Great job on yours! They look proper orky, and fit right in with that awesome wagon!

  2. Cheers mate :)

    I will use the same weathering on my Warbikers so they should turn out looking sweet :)