Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Workbench Progress - Ferrus Manus The Gorgon

Hey there readers, yes it's finally time for me to show of my newly finished Ferrus Manus the Primarch of the Iron Hands chapter/legion which can be purchased from Forgeworld.

It took me a while to get any good pictures so this caused a delay in my releasing this post but we had a few sunny days which helped me out loads.

Here you can see how I broke the model down into its main components ready for painting and then dropped a black primer using my airbrush.

I was worried that this model was going to be boring due to the large amount of black armour but once I go started I soon found that there was a large amount of tiny interesting details all over the model.  I did not want to go crazy on the highlighting on the gold trim as I think the more subdued look makes it look more steam punk which I think works really well in this case. 

I spent a bunch of time working on his face and skin as he somehow seems to have a more prominent head with larger eyes than some of the other Primarchs I have painted so I needed to do a good job.  The other part that was very important to get right was the way the living metal of his hands and forearms would blend into the flesh of the upper arms, this turned out not to be such a huge problem and I think the final effect works well.

I am very pleased with how the hammer 'Forgebreaker' turned out, simple but effective.

There are some really nice details all over this model many of which went unnoticed until I started laying down some paint. 

The tiny thin cables and pipes were a bit of a pain to fit but once they were on they really don't seem to get in the way when you handle the model so I don't foresee them getting broken or lost.

The servo harness was based in silver along with all the other metallic components using my airbrush before I went in and added the detail, it was later attached using pins and green-stuff in it's finished state.

I made sure the base matched the ones I have already done for Angron and more importantly Fulgrim, I added some small details like the grass to make things more interesting.

Three down and fifteen to go, Lorgar is up next so check back soon for more updates.

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  1. Nice work! These guys look fantastic. Now I'm thinking I need to start my own primarch collection!