Monday, 24 November 2014

Workbench Progress - Tank Traps

Good morning internet, when I was at Reading Warfare a few weeks back I managed to get away and do a little shopping.  One of the main things I was on the lookout for was resin dragons teeth so I could make the a bunch of the regulation 6" lengths of Tank Traps for use with my Imperial Strontpoint.

Picture found here

After a good deal of rooting around I managed to find a stale that was selling resin dragons teeth individually as well as pre-cut 6" MDF bases (yes I am that lazy sometimes), I walked away with six bases and 18 dragons teeth so I could make six bases with three teeth on each.

The Teeth were first washed to remove any release agent that might still be present, then I used a contact adhesive to glue them down to the bases.  I then added some sand to get a bit of texture on there, then I airbrushed the bases and sand in Game Air Earth and gave the teeth a coat of Mechanicus Standard Grey.

I then gave the sand on the base a dry brush of Terminus Stone and then worked the dragons teeth highlights up using Dawnstone, Administatum Grey and Praxeti White.

To add a little bit more colour and detail I dug out some of my basing kits and used up the last of the grassy clumps scattered about.

Next time I play against a vehicle heavy army I will drop these things out in front of my fortifications to insure that "NONE SHALL PASS!" well  not without having to disembark first so I can have a turn of shooting at them.

Well that's all for now, check back soon as I have almost finished the Iron Hands Primarch Ferrus Manus, just his head left to paint and glue on now.

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