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Event Report - Reading Warfare 2014

Reading Warfare 2014

Hey everyone, it's been another weekend of no stop 40K and general war games fun for me as Reading Warfare was on at my local leisure centre.  This is an annual event that to my great shame I only heard about last year despite having lived here for 13 years now.  I promised myself I would get a spot on the 40k tournament this year and show my support as I was unable to attend last year.  

The retail hall for all your war-gaming needs.

Gamers playing all sorts of game systems in the Bowling hall.

And here we are playing 40K in the Squash courts.

My Army List

Rune Priest - PML2, Terminator Armour, Combi Melta, Runic Axe
Wolf Guard Terminators x4 - Combi Melta, Power Axe
Wolf Guard x5 - Combi Melta, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x10 - Close Combat Weapons x10, Meltagun x2, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x10 - Close Combat Weapons x10, Meltagun x2, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x10 - Close Combat Weapons x10, Flamer x2, Drop Pod
Drop Pod - Storm Bolter
Imperial Knight - Paladin

Round 1 - Eldar (summoning)/Imperial Knights
Big Guns Never Tire - Hammer & Anvil
Result - Lose

When I saw this list setup on the table I knew it was going to do well and possibly even win the event especially when I saw he was intending to summon Daemons via his Farseer.  My only option was to drop on all the objectives that were in my back field and put my Knight between my Wolves and the enemy Knights then just hope for the best.  Well as the game kicked off things were going well for me, my opponent summoned one unit of Daemons but due to a perils his Farseer lost his Summoning power but the one unit of Daemons he did managed summon could still summon.  The Wrathknights came at me and met my Imperial Knight in mid-field but in turn three my table half was still secure and I was up on objectives.  My opponent then double teamed my Imperial Knight in close combat but to my great surprise my Knight killed them both after two rounds of fighting.  I then had a turn to smash some more Daemons and Jetbikers and again my table half was still secure.  Then one of the enemy Imperial Knights charged my Knight and this is where things shifted in my opponents favor.  My luck could only take me so far and I knew that if I could just knock out one of his Imperial Knights and leave him with only one remaining I could still hold on for the win.  Sadly it was not to be, my Knight went BOOM! and enemy Knight got away with one hull point remaining so it was close but no cigar.  I opponent then capitalized on my lack of Knightly support and proceeded to roll up the field spawning Deamons as he went until I was completely overrun.

These guys were named Stan and Neil.

House Targaryen Knight.

House Lannister Knight.

Rock-em Sock-em Robots eat your heart out.

These Knights along with a third were bought off a guy out on the internet somewhere.

Round 2 - Tau
Purge the Alien - Vanguard Strike
Result -  Win

With only one Tau unit held in reserves everything else was on show and in my first turn I took out the Broadside and the Hammer Head and tried to put some wounds on the Riptide with my Terminator Combi-Meltas.  I then went on to weather a metric crap ton of Tau return fire even losing the four Terminators who arrived with my Rune Priest to the Riptides Ion Cannon.  Elsewhere my power armour kept loses to minimum and when my turn two assault came the Tau had no defense. Before I knew it the kill points were rolling in including one from the Riptide who was insta-killed by my Rune Priest in a challenge and the Tau commander who was crushed by my Imperial Knight.  The game ended on turn five with me having scored all three secondary objectives and so many kill points I cant remember exactly how many while only giving up one to my opponent from my Terminators. 

My Knights Ion Shield saves were hot and no damage was suffered leaving the Tau Commander vulnerable.

The Grey Hunters all offered themselves up for a single turn of whither fire to ensure they could go on to launch an assault on turn two. 

My Rune Priest powers up his Force Axe ready to assault the Riptide and issue a challenge.

Round 3 - Necrons
The Relic - Dawn of War
Result -  Lose

My battle-plan going into this game having seen what my opponent was fielding was to keep dropping Marines and Drop Pods on and around the Relic all game in an attempt to still be holding it at the games end.  My Knight was on hand to smash anything that came too close and as the Necrons were all mounted in flyers or Skimmers they would not risk coming in that close until around turns four and five.  I had to hold on in great enough numbers to defend against the Necon infantry when they finally arrived.  With the exception of my Imperial Knight most of my weapons were out ranged or ineffective so I spent the whole game crowding power armoured bodies around the Relic and trying not to fails armour saves.  This game went right to the wire but in the end my luck ran out and the last of my Marines folded leaving the Imperial Knight to be objective secured off the relic and the game was lost.

Operation  jump on the relic and try not to die before the game ends started in earnest.

Think positive thoughts, don't roll any 1's or 2's. 

Hold the line.

Going, going.....

GONE! :(

Round 4 - Blood Angels/Vengeance Weapon Battery
The Scouring - Vanguard Strike
Result -  Win

When I saw this army I knew that a win was within my grasp so long as I was able to neutralise those Baal Predators and the Demolisher quickly and then chase down those two small troop units.  I think I got to go second and with only my Knight on the table there was not much action.  In my first turn I had my Knight destroy a Predator then my Terminators dropped in and wrecked the Predator Annihilator while the Combi/Melta Power Armoured Wolf Guard knocked out the Demolisher. In my turn two I had a pack of Flamer Grey Hunters drop on an objective worth four victory points that was in my deployment zone while two Meltagun Grey Hunter packs with some help from the Knights Battle Cannon took out both Ball Predators.  When the Storm Raven came in it hit my Knight with everything it could but caused no damage, however during the following turn the Storm Raven hovered, deploying a Dreadnought who had a Meltagun and then a squad of Melta Assault Marines dropped in close by.  When the shooting stopped my Knight was on its last hull point so with nothing to lose it blasted the Assault Marines off the table with its Battle Cannon and then ripped the Storm Raven apart in close combat while my Grey Hunters chased down the two Razorbacks as they made a break for my deployment zone and Line Breaker.  By the time the game ended my Knight had stomped on the Dreadnought and the rest of my forces had reduced my opponents army to just the Weapons Battery so victory was mine.  

The Demolisher is no more.

My Knight gets stuck in and wrecks some armour.

Round 5 - Grey Knights/Space Marine Allies (Iron Hands)
Emperors Will - Dawn of War
Result -  Win

I was glad that my final round opponent was running Grey Knights as I don't often get to play against them.  It was soon clear that neither the Grey Knights or their Space Marine allies had much in the way of heavy weapons that could pose a threat to my Knight,  Turn one saw me able to drop one Grey Hunter Pack out on my right flank to hold an isolated objective while the rest of my forces landed on mass on my left flank where the objectives were most concentrated capturing another two and knocked 2 wounds off a Dreadknight.  My Imperial Knight offered close support to the main drop site and was able to clear a full squad of Interceptors off my right flank with its Rapid-fire Battle Cannon leaving no Grey Knight forces available or within range to contest the objective on my right flank.  The Grey Knight tried to turn up the heat turn one by charging a Dreadknight right at my lines and dropping in a few combat squads of marines into my backfield to try and Metlagun my Knight.  My Knight emerged unharmed and in my turn two I was able to drop my Terminators and Rune Priest in and destroy the Dreadknight and launch an assault on the Space Marines with some Grey Hunters.  The Grey Knights turn three was concentrated on clearing my suicide Combi-Melta pack out of their backfield and getting ready to receive my turn three charge.  Sure enough that charge came in the form of my Rune Priest lead Terminators, those AP3 Force Swords were easily resisted by the Wolf Guards Terminator plate while in return their Power Axes were not so forgiving.  By the time my opponent had finished his third turn then me my fourth things were looking really good for me.   At the close of the Grey Knights turn four my opponent threw in the towel and I won with max points.

The Space Wolves dropped in on mass forcing the Grey Knights to respond.

The Imperial Knight was able to secure the drone zone while the Space Wolves made planet fall.

My Rune Priests Terminator Armour enabled him to go the distance and land the killing blow.

My Grey Hunters multi charge two Space Marine combat squads and manage to have things wrapped up in a few turns.

Best Army Pictures

Word Bearer Themed Space Marines.

Imperial Fist Space Marines.

Nurgle Chaos Space Marines.

Ultramarines Space Marines and Imperial Knight.

Blood angel Space Marines

Grey Knights.

Eldar & Imperial Knights.

Imperial Knights.


My Space Wolves.

The final Results

So with three wins and two loses I managed to land fifth place overall as well as being awarded the trophy for best painted army which really made my weekend.  I played some really good games and met some very interesting people, with a little more organization next years event could be even better and I will be doing my best to help increase attendance.

If you are interested in attending Reading Warfare and any of its events next year please follow the links below for more details.

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