Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Play Testing Ready For Battlefield Birmingham XI

Hey peeps,

In a little over a weeks time I will be attending the Battlefield Birmingham Warhammer 40K tournament and I figured it was time for me to get a list locked down so I can make sure everything I need is fully painted.

 Space Wolves Codex - Primary Detachment

 Here is my army minus the Drop Pods.

Rune Dude -
PML2, Terminator Armour, Runic Axe, Combi Melta

Wolf Guard Terminators x5 - Combi Plasma x5, Power Axe x5
Wolf Guard x5 - Combi Melta x5, Drop Pod
Wolf Guard x5 - Combi Melta x5, Drop Pod

Grey Hunters x10 - Wolf Guard Pack Leader, Combi Plasma, Plasma Gun x2, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x10 - Wolf Guard Pack Leader, Combi Melta, Meltgun x2, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x10 - Wolf Guard Pack Leader, Combi Flamer, Flamer x2, Drop Pod

Drop Pod - Storm Bolter

Long Fangs x6 - Wolf Guard Pack Leader, Combi Melta, Meltgun, Missile Launcher x4, Flak Missiles x4, Drop Pod

I have been playing some games over the last few weeks, some good and some deliberately bad matchups, this week I am facing Spawn heavy Chaos with Helldrakes. 

I played my first game at my place on my new F.A.T. MAT Vs FMC Tyranids with the Skyblight formation in the Emperors Will mission with Vanguard Strike deployment. 

On turn one I was facing down the barrel of three winged Hive tyrants, two Hive Crones and I think one Harpy all standing around a Venomthrope "GULP!"

And then it started to rain Gargoyles and Rippers and all manner of Alien filth and it was all I could do to keep the little blighters off my objectives as fast as they could re-spawn while the big stuff pounded me from above.

My Stormfang did nothing of note, it came on, hit a flying Hive Tyrant with all four of its ranged weapons and wounded but then all 4 jink saves were passed and one turn later the Stormfang was destroyed by overwhelming airpower.  

At the end of turn six it was a 10/5 victory to the Tyranids.  I really could not shoot anything effectively other than the constantly  re-spawning Skyblight Gargoyles until turn 5 when the big stuff landed for the objective grab. 

In conclusion sinking 255pts into a flyer was a bad idea and does not really play towards the strengths of the full drop pod army list.  If I face someone with only one flyer I can easily avoid it and if I face someone with a crap ton of flying stuff the Stormfang will be wrecked in no time.  I was running a Champions of Fenris detachment and the lack of objective secured was a really big deal, I wont be leaving home without that rule in place any time soon.

 OH CRAP!!!!

 I dropped in half my pods onto my backline objectives and the other half behind the Tyranids to try and knock out the Venomthrope which thankfully worked and scored me first blood.

The Tyranids came at me at full speed on their turn one.

My Stormfang made a short appearance before it was rather unceremoniously destroyed.

My second game was Vs a Dark Angel army that included an Imperial Knight, now this was a style of army that I am well equipped to deal with.  The mission was Big Guns Never Tire with Hammer And Anvil deployment, I was going 2nd so my opponent had nothing to shoot at turn on one and I had the last turn of the game to jump on objectives. 

My main strategy was to leave the Dark Angels hunkered down in their board half with only two objectives while I deployed on mass on my objectives and dug in. 

Turn one I dropped all three objective secured Grey Hunter packed Drop Pods on the three objectives that were on my table half and my Long Fangs way back on my table edge with my Warlord to give me some heavy weapon support.  

I managed destroy the Imperial Knight with two suicide Combi Melta Wolf Guard packs across my turns two and three and stubbornly defended my table half against a Belial lead precision drop of Terminators and a pesky Marine Bikers unit who tried to break through my lines.  Having gotten in position nice and early the Long Fangs were able to keep the Dark Angel flyer jinking for most the game which was a great help.

 By the end of turn seven I had blasted the Dark Angels off one of their objectives while still holding onto all three of mine and having already scored Slay the Warlord and 1st Blood I won comfortably 11/3.

I am now happy that my list is working towards the same goal and I know what I need to be doing with all of its elements so If I can get in a few more games before next weekend that would be great.

Any way here are some picture I took of my second game which was on my local GW's new city scape table which while not a cool as my Forgeworld version was still fun to play on so long as you don't mind cocked dice.

 At the end of my turn one I held three objectives.

 The Dark Angels move in to grab the center objective before making a move on my front line.

Putting my faith in the Wolf Guard Melta packs my army ignores the approaching Imperial Knight and digs in for the win.

By this point the Imperial Knight was down to it's last two hull points.

I will try and get some pictures posted from my game this week so keep and eye out for those, thanks for reading and please come back soon.

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