Monday, 27 October 2014

Battlefield Birmingham VI - Cool Pictures And Stuff

Hey there internet, if you have been reading my recent posts then you will know that I was at Battlefield Birmingham this past weekend with my Space Wolves army.  Though I only won one of my five games they were all very close and I had a great time throughout. I played against some very interesting and varied armies and met some very cool players.  There were quite a few drop outs at the end of day one so we were down from 32 to 21 players heading into day two but the ringer stepped in and everything rolled on as normal.

Sadly I only managed to place 20th out of 22 players which I will admit was not a great placing given my general performance back home.  I guess every region has it's own meta game and it was never my intention to go seeking glory in battle but rather to spend a whole weekend playing Warhammer 40K.

I did notice that up in Birmingham they seem to be well prepared for anyone who deepstikes so an objective secured drop pods army might have been a little too on trend to surprise anyone who plays seriously, but like I said I enjoyed each and every one of my games and I even managed to pick up some neat new tricks which I hope to use on the locals back home.

If I could do it all again I would drop the Legion of the Damned and the Long Fangs and added my Imperial Knight to increase my overall threat level and resilience late game.  Anyone who plays me knows that I like my games to end on turn five as I find it hard to hold on much beyond that.  This weekend saw 4 out of my 5 games go to turn seven while the fifth went to turn 6.  I lost two of my game purely because I could not hold on to all of my objectives in turns six and seven so I am keen to see if my Knight gives me more staying power next month at Reading Warfare.

Anyway lets look at some pictures that I took of the tables and terrain upon my arrival, it was really cool to think that any one person could have so much terrain but then even I have four themed tables. 

Games 1
Big Guns Never Tire - Dawn of War
Space Wolves Vs Blood Angels/Imperial Knight

Game 2
Relic + Emperors Will - Vanguard
Space Wolves Vs Tau

Game 3
Crusade - Hammer & Anvil
Space Wolves Vs Dark Eldar

Game 4
Purge the Alien - Dawn of War?
Space Wolves Vs Iron Hands

Game 5
The Scouring - Vanguard?
Space Wolves Vs Space Wolves/Sentinels of Terra

Best Painted


Cool Models

Here is a very tight Eldar army that I thought worthy of recognition.

My Game 4 opponent had some great Dreadnought conversions.

Some really cool Warbiker Orks.

A bit random but one of my pods landed right in the middle of some snow covered trees and I thought it looked very festive and worth a picture.

I heard it said more than once that this event seemed to be running its self and from my perspective there were no problems, the venue was very nice despite being in the middle of a renovation, the staff kept the kitchen and a bar open for us and the toilets were clean so apart from it being a bit hot at times I would call it a great success.

Sadly this might have been the last Battlefield Birmingham under the current management but here's hoping that someone new takes on the responsibility of running it and we see the return of Battlefield Birmingham next year and for many more to come. 

Until next time....

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