Monday, 1 September 2014

Workbench Progress - Vindicare Assassin

Greetings all, another quick update for you as I have a bunch of things that have all been finished during this last week.  

After getting my hands on the digital version of the new Assassinorum Dateaslate I jumped on eBay and picked up a Vindicare Assassin.  I was always a big fan of the Vindicare who is aiming his rifle but I could not find one so I went with the pistol and rifle version. 

My only complaints would be that some of the older lead mini's tend not to have very crisp detail and also sometimes have a pitted texture that seems to show through the primer but there are no plastic version of this model yet so I made do.

After some black primer I have a look through the dataslate to find some examples of this model painted up and settled on this scheme which allows for some military style colours to break up what would might otherwise be a totally black model.

The scale of the pistol is the only part of this model that I find a little OTT as it really is beyond ridiculous, sure his rifle is massive but we can forgive him for that as it looks totally bad-ass.

I am looking forward to attaching this guy to my Astra Militarum army for some much needed long range head hunting.

That's all folks, be sure to check back soon.


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