Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Workbench Progress - Nurgle Plague Bearers

Greetings all, so last Friday I went a bit off menu and decided that I would paint some Plague Bearers for a four player 40K game I was hosting so I could try out summoning.  I had heard that the new plastic Daemons were a joy to work with and that really nice results can be achieved with relatively little effort.

I spent 6 hours on these guy guys if I include the time spent building them, here is a list of the paints I used.

Base Colours
Game Air - Leather Brown (undercoat)
Game Air - Dead Flesh (basecoat)
Game Air - Bonewhite (highlight flesh)
Leadbelcher (swords)
Mephiston Red (eyes)
Zandri Dust (teeth and exposed bones)

Athonian Camoshade (flesh)
Seraphim Sepia (horns, teeth and Claws)
Carroburg Crimson (guts and wounds)

Krieg Khaki (boils)
Averland Sunset (dot in eye)
Ushabti Bone (teeth exposed bones)
Terminatus Stone (base texture)

Typhus Corrosion (sword)
Nurgle's Rot (wounds)
Blood for the Blood God (belly teeth)

Now hold on to your lunch and take a look at the close ups.

Seriously these guys make me want to puke they look so gross but at the same time I am really pleased with how they turned out and I might even paint the Herald next.  I am not sure what I will do with them long term, I might just have them sit in my cabinet looking cool or I might sell them and there is even a small chance of some Nurgle allies.

As usual please leave your comments below and be sure to check back soon as I promise you my Stormfang Gunship is almost finished.


  1. Really nice work here. The technical paints, the shading, the highlights...just wonderful job!

    My only critique would be that the base and the feet are very close in tone to one another, (on some of the models) and (could be the camera/lighting angle), tend to blend a bit in. I'd want to see a bit more contrast in the base to make the models pop a bit more.

  2. Lo cheers, yeah the feet are blended into the base a little as weathering but the lighting does make it look more so than it really is.

    I am loving the Game Air and technical paints :)