Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Workbench Progress - Messing Around with Edge Paints

Hey everyone,

I received my order of edge paints this week, I got the full set and from what I can tell they are almost the exact same colours as the dry paints but with the same consistency as the layer paints range.

I am not usually a fan of edge highlights but I will use it some times to help make something pop.  I had a root through my collection for a model that I could try these paints out on and decided that my recently painted Vindicare Assassin was the perfect candidate as he is an army of one.

So I went back in and added some extreme edge highlights to as much of him as I could and tbh it does make him look more Sci-Fi and helps him stand out that extra bit above the rest of my Imperial Guard army.

This is the Vindicare before I went in with the edges paints.

And here he is afterwards. 

So while not ground breaking I can see these paints being quite nice for the extreme highlight on something that really needs to stand out and I expect I will use them more as time goes on.

Check back soon :)

1 comment:

  1. I think the extreme highlights work very well on actual models used in play. They help catch the eye at a distance, which is important when making a solid good looking army.

    A lot of the techniques we pick up for careful blending, and supremely detailed mini's, lose themselves at a distance.

    I think the highlights added quite a bit of pop to your model, and will make him look awesome on the tabletop!